People for whom simple intimate stimuli are not enough to achieve full satisfaction, very often look for alternative methods of stimulating their bodies. Some people then invest their money and time in preparing costumes and scenarios in which they can play a role. Others, on the other hand, are looking for a solution to increase the range of incentives. In this way, today we can meet on the market preparations warming up, cooling and increasing the sensitivity of the skin or intimate organs, as well as flavorful lubricants or condoms.
A similar pattern applies to massage cosmetics, which diversify the close-up, creating a unique atmosphere of privacy and sexual tension. Where in this world is there room for electrostimulation? What accessories does this stimulation involve? How to safely start your adventure with this kind of world of sensations? This is explained below.
What is electrostimulation?
The name is not too difficult to decipher as it clearly indicates that the stimuli causing the excitement are electrical impulses. This does not mean, however, that a person connects his or her body to the electricity, but only that with the help of appropriate accessories he or she supplies him or her with more or less random doses of this type of energy. These usually last a fraction of a second, but they can be a quite intense experience for a sensitive, thirsty skin, leading to involuntary muscle contraction. Electrostimulation can be carried out in two ways:
– The impulse will jump every time you touch the skin with one of the gadgets used,
– the impulse will be generated by the program, which ensures randomness of its occurrence and in many cases does not require our attention, so we can focus on other intimate stimuli.
Accessories from the world of electrostimulation
In the world of experience flowing from electrostimulation we can meet a really rich assortment of various types of erotic gadgets. First of all, we should mention specially designed vibrators with this type of function, although we do not have to use it to have fun. It is also worth mentioning the following products, among others:
electrodes to manually transmit electrical impulses to the body,
dilda and analone plugs, which, when connected to the power unit, can stimulate the body from the inside by means of current,
loops, bands, rings, clamps,
spurs, probes and sight glasses (an additional element of pain during stimulation),
self-adhesive electrodes and conductive gloves.
How to prepare for the fun?
The use of electric pulses to stimulate stimulation can be both exciting and dangerous. It goes without saying that people with a heart condition or cardiovascular problems should not opt for tests with this type of toy, even if they are all made by a reputable manufacturer. Otherwise, there is nothing to stop you from taking up the challenge and trying to break your routine in the bedroom, but it is worth remembering to have a good mental preparation:
the purchase of an original control and power unit,
taking care of a suitable lubricant (e.g. a conductive lubricant with gold swarf),
Before sticking the electrodes, wash the placement of the electrodes with alcohol,
hygiene of erotic accessories for electrostimulation.
We have managed to describe the different worlds of electrostimulation thanks to the knowledge and experience of the shop.
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