Summary This is not the Jurassic World I expected, but it’s still a good action movie. I hope that in the next parts there will be more dinosaurs, not people. Final Evaluation – 60%
Let us be honest about it. Most of the returns to the old series are unearned, trying to earn money from the sentiment. In the same way, in my opinion, it was to be with the first part of Jurassic World. But the miracle happened and the first part of the newly created Jurassic World trilogy gathered fantastic reviews and recognition from ordinary fans as well as reviewers. Jurassic Park was able to revive and again enjoy its original idea and image of magnificent and majestic dinosaurs. The second part had a powerful task to fulfill – to be a better film than the already very good first part, or at least as good.
the company – a few words about its beloved cinema chain
As an old-fashioned cinematographer, 28 years old I still remember my first consoles, walkmens, videos and full cinema rooms. I’m used to certain standards. They certainly do not include continuous advertising, because this time, too, the company stood up to the challenge and served us a marathon of 25 minutes of advertising. Was there a walking stick chirping kinder bueno, on which high was the advertisement made? Of course she was, I will never buy again both Kinder Bueno and any other product with this logo, but this time it’s not about it.
I was very surprised by the empty auditorium on the occasion of Han Solo’s performance: Star Wars – Stories. In Jurassic World, the Fallen Kingdom was even worse. Two days after the premiere and you know how many people were there apart from us? ONE! Are we really witnessing the end of American cinema, when the major cinema corporations dominated the market and then did not know how to adapt? I hope not, but the company and the rest of the band of losers from marketing with this company will come up with the idea of how to rekindle the party and the fashion for cinema in the USA again.
We return to Jurrassic World 2 – The Fallen Kingdom. Traditionally, the review is free without feature spoilers. However, minor references to the previous part had to appear, because otherwise it would not be possible to write this text in a reliable way.
Jurassic World 2 – Fallen Kingdom – Nature is being urged to
The film follows a few years after the events of the first part of Jurasssic World. People were wrong again and it turned out that the volcano on the island where the unfortunate park was established was about to explode. National governments (of course, the United States plays the main violin) are launching a debate on whether dinosaurs should be saved or left to chance. That is, in this case, to a certain death under the tones of flowing lava.
The main character, known from the previous part of Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), sets off again on the island with his girlfriend Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). The main reason Owen risks his life is, of course, his longing for Blue, his velociraptoire, probably the wisest dinosaur he ever lived. Unfortunately, something goes very wrong during the rescue mission and our heroes together with Blue are getting into serious trouble.
Did I like the film?
The film had an unusual plot, very different from other action films. The plot was very coherent here, but at the same time unpredictable and full of surprises for the audience. In this respect, I have nothing to say about Jurassic World 2. Another problem is the emphasis on the elements of the plot in the film. Previous films put the greatest emphasis on dinosaurs and how much people have in contact with them. This time it was different, because the main axis of the story was moral dilemmas and trade in animals, even those that should not live. The film also clearly wanted to stimulate viewers to reflect on genetics and its moral aspects. Jurassic World has never said that cloning and genetic modification are bad in any way. It has shown that doing so irresponsibly can lead to disaster.
The two main characters played by the actors we like attracted all the prizes. Two new characters in the team, tried to keep up with them and maybe they had interesting characters, but as secondary persons they literally disappeared in the shine created by Chris and Bryce. The film, based on the script itself, was designed in such a way that it was the two main characters who received applause. It is a pity that their two companions were not more presented because they seemed to be interesting personalities.
Jurassic World 2- The Fallen Kingdom has lost a lot in my sight. I played very well on the film, but not as in the first movement. Although something was happening all the time and the film was preparing surprises for us, the scenes themselves were not hitting the armchair and at one point the film started to be very long for me. At the very end, when he started to colour again, he unfortunately ended up. All in all, the end of the second part was designed to