Welcome! Today’s entry is mainly dedicated to happy parents of small children. I came up with the idea of ranking board games for four-year-olds, and there are a few on the market, so I hope that such an entry will inspire you to play with a little kid so as not to bore your parent. Even we play such games for the youngest children and most of them were really well constructed, in such a way as to remember the needs of children and adults.
We start! You will soon find out which board game for the four-year-old seems to be the best:)
Dinosaur Park
Yes, that’s how we also play games for the younger boarders. The Dinosaur Park has been tested by us and I can confidently say that parents will like it. The game has been released by Egmont USA and is suitable for kids aged 3 and over. Dinosaur Park is a cooperative game, so it should not discourage children from further struggles, because it wins or loses the whole family. The game has very simple rules, and combines cooperation with memory elements, and has two available difficulty thresholds, which can be adjusted according to the age of the player.
2. Dogfish
Another game is a title with a grateful name Kotek Psotek, also from Egmont Publishing House, because it is mainly this Publishing House that creates friendly positions for the youngest. Kotek Psotek is a colorful board game that effectively attracts the attention of the youngest children and their parents. The game is also cooperative, so it teaches children how to cooperate and deal with emotions. This allows parents to help their children and does not have to give them a victory. The board is cleverly placed on the bottom of the pack, so it doesn’t take much time to unfold the game. The total cost is about $50.
3. separable mice
There was a kitten now it was time for mice. The next item is a board game for children from the age of 4, called Divisive Mice. Our goal will be to escape from the cat that will try to catch the mice. Do it in such a way that it will not be possible for him to do so. Divisive mice are ideal for playing with parents. It will certainly not bore the elderly and will give them some valuable lessons. He will slowly learn how to assess risks and fight emotions on his own. Mice have child-friendly and safe elements in the box, which is also ecological, which is another reason to buy the game.
4 Small detectives
There is also another game from the TYPE OF WORK series, also for kids over 3 years old, and there is no upper age limit. The game is designed for families, the whole family will fit comfortably at the table, because the game needs from 1 to as many as eight reliable detectives. A very interesting game, which combines adventure with various techniques of remembering. There is also no ubiquitous competition in this game, but there is cooperation, thanks to which the child feels much safer and it will be easier for him to catch a board bug and then play heavier titles with his parents.
5 Rescue bunnies
The fifth place went to Ratuj Króliczki, also from Egmont Publishing House. Pleasant, fast and colorful game, which is crucial for kids. Just as the title suggests, it is very important to save bunnies from the rain. The whole game lasts about 15 minutes, so kids should not dive. The game teaches the youngest how to count and recognize colors, it contains safe elements of large size, so the game becomes very attractive in the eyes of children. And most importantly, there is a cooperation variant available, which will be useful especially for the youngest kids who have not mastered losing yet. Of course, over time we can slowly teach the child healthy competition.
6. grandmother’s expedition
The sixth place in our ranking is taken by a cooperation game for the youngest, an expedition to grandmother. This is a game with extremely colourful illustrations, in which there is no rivalry in any form. The game teaches the youngest how to solve problems and how to be creative. They discuss together and discuss all possible solutions. Children are not discouraged from playing games by their cooperation with their parents and siblings.
7. Stefan cat
Do you like cats? Because I very much have ? for you the seventh proposition with cat Stefan in the main role. Stefan cat is a great proposition for the youngest players and their parents. This game is dedicated for children from 4 years of age, and for a change it is competitive. What does your cat do in her free time, apart from sleeping? Well, he catches his mice and shows his claws. During the game one of the players will be a cat, the rest will be mice. Stefan cat is a game where dexterity counts, so be careful about your cat. The game teaches concentration and visual and motor coordination. The game is loved by kids, and the humorous graphics are eye-catching to players.
8 Colourful Ladybirds
The eighth place on the list is taken by a slightly unusual game, because it consists of magnets, ideal for the youngest stylists and not only. Colourful ladybirds are a cooperation game that teaches cooperation and logical thinking.