The last few weeks have been a terrible disappointment for me, mainly due to the accumulation of free days. Holidays, Gamescom, a long weekend combined with the heat were all good for everyone, not just writing a blog.
I am slowly coming back to myself and to write, and in addition the whole blog is waiting for strong changes, so forgive if I am a bit laconic. But, without extending it, to the work! We have a lot of catching up to do! 🙂
Yay! July!
Book] To Replace, Neal Stephenson
My first contact with one of the most interesting contemporary science fiction writers. To replace this novel with a handful drawing on cyberpunk, very postmodern in its sound, and at the same time well written and enchanting with the construction of the world. Moreover, the reviewers called her one of the most important books of the 1990s (Zamieć / The Fall was published in 1992). After such a recommendation it was impossible not to be tempted. 🙂
The book of Stephennson tells the story of a world where states have been replaced by burglars – quasi-states that can be founded by almost everyone with the right amount of money. The main character is the hacker and pizza driver (this is the most dangerous profession in the world!) Hiro Protagonist, and a D.U. courier moving on the turbo-desk keeps pace. (not to be pronounced as Daewoo!). Sounds eccentric? And it should!
In Zamieci there is everything – chases, hacking in Metawery (virtual reality), mafia (which has a monopoly on production… of pizza), but there is also no shortage of reflection on the nature of man, and more specifically on faith and the way it is “instilled” in society. And although the comparison of faith to a computer virus, and the events of the Bible to replicate themselves, is a lot exaggerated, with a clear conscience I can recommend to Zamieć every fan an ambitious science fiction.
Game] Life is Strange, Square Enix
Although the first episodic game from Square is not over yet (the last episode is planned for October), I already know that this is one of the best titles of its kind.
Life is Strange begins like a simple student story, turning into a story of super powers (Max, the main character receives the gift of time back) and responsibility, friendship, love, longing. And in the background… criminal threads.
What distinguishes her from Telltale games is the lack of time pressure in making individual decisions, a much more interesting gameplay associated with the backwardness of time, quite a lot of puzzles and a much better graphics engine. 😉
A nice surprise is also the growing level of subsequent sections. I recommend it to fans of good stories with a strong psychological background and lovers of episodic games in general.
XCOM: A board game, Fantasy Flight Games
The boarded, cooperative version of XCOM took over my heart and that of my friends during the holiday trip. Usually conversions of games to other cultural media do not bring anything good, fortunately XCOM board does not belong to this group.
And to what? To an extremely annoying, difficult as devil, but also cosmically satifacating group of games, which hit you on your face to greet, then dig and leave flowing quietly in a corner.
In XCOM you play four roles: Air Fleet Commander, Air Force Commander, Communications Officer and Researcher. The task of all four is (and how!) to defend the Earth from aliens in several demanding rounds. The fact that the whole thing happens … on time, measured with the help of a mobile application (free) to pull on iOS, Androde or in a browser version adds to the taste of the whole.
The whole thing requires close cooperation, because the actions of one person affect how the other person will manage. For example, each round is assigned an amount of money to be spent on each action. If a scientist goes crazy with the research, the air fleet commander will not have what fighters, etc. to do. There are a lot of such links, tastes and dependencies in the game, so it is perfect for a pack of good friends.
Collaboration and playing in one gate is especially important, because XCOM has a level of difficulty twisted off the ceiling. In the first attempt we didn’t even manage to… go through the tutorial (sic!), and there are still four more levels to go. After very conditionally finishing an easy level a dozen or so days ago, I know that the highest will be a difficult nut to bite on…
Fortunately, the level of difficulty is compensated by quite simple rules, well explained in the tutorial part (already in the application). This allows you to get to know the game in real time, without having to go through a thick manual.
I recommend to every board masochist and XCOM fan.
No knowledge of the computer original is required.
Serial] Sillicon Valley Season 2
I have written about my feelings about Silicon Valley on a fan page before, today the series is to my liking / disliking.
The second season is… more. More funny, more interesting, with new heroes and new problems. At the same time, the real startup realities are still very strongly maintained. I recommend it!
Event] Last Tornado
Every time is good to go