The shopping mall is ugly and uninteresting inside, at least in my opinion. Nevertheless, we slept there a few times. The last one (but the last one) took place recently. We are unlikely to return there.
Sky Tower tempts with its view and convenient location. Somehow, this did not reward us for a poor stay. This text is not there to unload your frustrations, but so that someone does not feel that they have overpayed or regretted that they have not decided to stay overnight in another place. Like us this time.
Let’s start from the beginning. I had great difficulty getting to the reception desk. The call-back option on the website did not work, i.e. the robot called back and then disconnected immediately. I booked online, which of course is not a problem, but if you want to clarify a few issues with a living person because you have a few questions, it is not very satisfactory.
Standing on the gates in front of Wrocław, her husband is talking:
– Call and ask how to get there.
– What are you talking about! – I asked, because I was sure that there would be no problem.
– You will see.
I called you. 10. total.
– Star player 64 – you threw at the other side of the phone.
Like a Starfinder, he is a Starfinder.
– There were eggs there, I remember, my husband said sinisterly.
View from the 38th floor. Not at the highest, but quite high. Impressively, it is not a bit different during the day.
We get to the place, we are under Sky Tower, Star 64, entrance to the car park. Closed. I go to the office next door, the security says you have to enter the gallery, on the first floor. Auto where? It is supposed to wait in front of the gate, blocking the entry of other cars. That is how it is! There is no place where you can leave your car even for 5 minutes before you drive in. There is a street, there is a pavement, there are no parking spaces.
So I go to the reception. He complains about the fact that all this has been solved inconveniently.
– Yes, I came up with this idea because I like to explain it to people – you throw me a snack at the receptionist.
She really said that. No, it is not my fault that people complain. People complain because they have a right. Like me, the client, the quasi-hotel guest, I have the right to demand to be serviced without unnecessary problems.
A deposit of 500 USD was collected from me (fiu fiu!), I paid in advance for the overnight stay.
And there, at the bottom, in front of the entrance gate, my husband and his children were waiting all the time…
As if assigning the apartment to the client it is not possible to specify the parking space number and inform the security guards that such and such a guest will enter the parking lot. The protection approaches, legitimises, checks and lets in. For cholera, they could even give this parking space number! But no: you have to leave the car in front of the gate, go to the first floor (the gallery is quite big), return to the car and only then do they open the gate for us. the company located next door is for protection only. There is a lack of a small amount of money for a person who could do it all at the entrance?
– Your views will reward you all,” said the receptionist.
I don’t know. It’s not the roofs of Paris. in the daytime, at least with Sky Tower, it’s simply ugly. It is an interesting city to visit during the day, from the pavement level. The view is impressive during the night hours when we, tired parents with two children, after a whole day of walking and riding alternately, were only eager to go to bed.
I don’t know. It’s not the roofs of Paris, although the price may suggest something different. it’s simply ugly from the start of the day, at least with Sky Tower.
Plus? At the bottom there are restaurants, many of which deliver food to the apartments when we call and order. If not, you can go back to the reception desk. Of course, there are also shops and a children’s playroom. And a fashionable café, where there is a small corner for kids, so we can (at least theoretically) eat a sandwich or an egg there quietly.
We ordered a dinner, but you could have dreamt of a breakfast, or just buying a bread roll too. The center has been open since 9am, including the deli Peter and Paul, who do not have a separate entrance. The children got up at 7 and if it wasn’t for our supplies, forget man and starve. At 8 a.m. we were ready to leave – we didn’t intend to wait until 9 p.m. just to drink nicely served coffee. The reception was also open from 9 a.m. and it seems that I could collect my deposit at that time if I decided to leave the cash. Since I paid my deposit with a card, I have frozen my 5 stows for about two weeks. 😉
We left a bit hungry, medium insulated (the bed was narrow and so soft that we fell into it; maybe someone likes it, we don’t), in our stomachs having (fortunately) coffee from the machine to the capsules, which is inside. A guest is assigned one. 😉 The children got lost in something, drank cocoa and went on the road.
But at the end of the day it would be something positive, that is, a night. Then it is really beautiful:
And why did we sleep there 4. or 5. once? Or was something wrong before? Well, we chose the tower because of the location and availability of many things I mentioned – shops, a café, a playroom for kids, and also the proximity of our relative. The flats are comfortable and clean without any problems. From what a certain man said