The Internet is flooded with new and newer cosmetics. New pallets are being promoted and presented even before the premiere. Everything is so beautiful, so new, so exciting, highly recommended. We are bombarded from all sides with novelties, advertising and temptations. Old” cosmetics are quickly forgotten, only the newest ones are important. I’m tired of it and I’m fed up with it!
I do not have any grudges against bloggers showing new products. Anyway, as an artist I can see for myself what’s going well – the novelties and the shopping halls. And it’s not surprising that when an exciting product comes onto the market, we expect it to be presented on the web. I always wait for a review of interesting news from my favorite bloggers and I create such posts myself from time to time. Showing the latest cosmetics we simply respond to the expectations of our readers. For me, all these first impression videos and instagram swathes are helpful and valuable, allowing you to make an informed decision about your purchase. Especially that many American bloggers are really fantastic and they test and describe everything in a reliable way, and I am very much counting on their opinions when I want to buy something.
Cosmeticoholism or… purchasingoholism?
The problem, then, lies not in the actions of the creators or the breeding companies, but in myself. It’s a problem for me, because it’s too easy to market and I’m excited to see new nail polishes or eye shadows that I don’t really need. New things tempt me and make me mummy! That’s why I need a really iron will to explain to myself that I shouldn’t buy anymore. This excitement and flood of endorphins when we buy and get something new is hard to deny. Especially when we are bombarded nonstop with new announcements and photos of beautiful, more and more beautiful novelties. I love the internet, I love reading blogs, I love browsing Instagram, but this temptation is sometimes beyond my means!
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Everlasting testing. Is it possible to find a favourite at all?
How often do we buy the same product again? It is hard to get it when, around so many praised novelties, so many great formulas still to be discovered. It’s becoming more and more difficult to say “stop, it’s enough, it’s my favourite cosmetic in this category, I won’t look any further”. It can be explained by the love for cosmetics – taking care of beauty is an attractive hobby. But are we really interested in cosmetics? Or maybe that is not what it is all about, but about shopping? Is not an important cosmetic, but the fact that something is simply new? It’s not the cosmetic that excites, but the shopping and the novelties?
What to do, how to live without novelties?
It is “ugly” to show on the Instagram used pallets of shadows. Nail polishes from last year’s collection do not care about anyone. And this is one of the reasons why I focus on nail decorations – because I can always show them, regardless of whether I have the latest, promoted nail polishes or not.
Observing social media creates in our minds a false image, in which no one uses cosmetics, only new and newer ones are still bought. I know it’s not true that it’s only the Instagram creation and reality that looks different, but when you browse the Internet, it’s so easy to forget about it. As a result, it is easy to reject and neglect what we already have, on which we have spent a lot of hard earned money. Well, how do you enjoy a palette of shadows from a few years ago, when it is not in social media, but non stop show new and better ones? Who will praise the lacquer from a few seasons ago? And yet, among the new collections of hybrid lacquers for the summer, there is nothing really revealing, all these colors have been! What’s more, I already have their equivalents in my collection. Why buy more?
For more than a year I have been limiting my purchases of nail polishes to
In the case of nail polishes I feel satisfied. It is easy for me to say ‘stop’ in this area – I have practically everything I would like to have. A set of favourite colours – hybrids, classic lacquers, stamp lacquers. Basic shades as well as unique and magical ones. I didn’t count the bottles, but that doesn’t matter. I have what I have and it gives me a lot of joy! I rarely buy something new, because usually it turns out that I already have something similar. Now I am tempted only by these very unique and interesting varnishes. And of course if I use something (because sometimes I use some varnish!) I buy new one.
I also have a lot of stamps on my wishlist – I love stamping! Although I don’t think I show enough recently – I don’t have time to paint my nails, let alone to take pictures, but I do make such quick stamps. And there are a few more tiles for the stamps that I would very much like to have. Although I rather try to stop it and my strategy is to learn how to decorate my nails manually. Thanks to how terribly I would like to buy a stamping plate, I try to paint it by hand instead – that’s how I created xD.
However, in general since the beginning of the 1990s