On hot summer days there are no more delicious sweets than ice cream. They taste best at home – healthier than the ones in the store and with their favourite accessories. There are many ways to do this. Contrary to appearances, this is not a difficult undertaking.
Just have a few ideas and useful accessories to enjoy the delicious taste of home ice cream.
Taste of real chocolate and vanilla – classic among ice cream
The most popular flavours of ice cream are chocolate and vanilla. I don’t think there is a person who would like them. Their advantage is the ability to mix with different flavours, also fruit ones. They blend perfectly with hot coffee and frozen lemonade. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream are very easy to make yourself.
In order to make the taste of chocolate ice cream as intense as possible, you should use a chocolate plate and make its taste dependent on your own preferences. However, the more bitter the chocolate is, the more intense the taste of the ice cream will be. Therefore, lovers of strongly chocolate desserts should bet on the highest possible content of cocoa. The same is true for vanilla ice-cream, where the obligatory ingredient is a real vanilla cane and not an artificial aroma. Such ice cream will not only be healthier, but also tastier.
Recipes for chocolate and vanilla home ice cream can be found on: On-home – Ice – Cream – No machine/. The recipes are simple and do not require the use of a special ice cream machine, so anyone can make them.
Healthy yoghurt ice cream
In classic recipes from many years ago, cream was an obligatory ingredient of all ice creams – the fatter the better. Indeed, the taste of dessert with its addition is unique, but in order to reduce its calorific value, without giving up its creamy texture, it is worth to replace cream with natural yoghurt. It will add a bit of sour taste, but in combination with your favorite fruits or chocolate, it will create a true harmony of flavors.
For home ice-cream it is worth choosing only natural yoghurts, which have only real milk and living cultures of bacteria, but are free of milk powder and starch. It is not worth to reach for 0% yoghurt, because it makes it difficult for the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. The best choice are natural yoghurts with 1-2% fat content – healthy and small-calorie.
Refreshing sorbet ice cream
Sorbets are a real summer hit. They refresh and cool down like no other frozen dessert. Domestic ice cream from Sorbet can be made of any fruit. It is enough to mix them to a smooth mass and freeze. After a few hours they will be ready to eat.
Many fruits have a naturally acidic taste. In order to avoid it in ice, it is enough to sweeten the sorbet (e.g. with honey) a little before freezing.
Accessories for home ice cream
In order to make perfect home ice cream, it is worth to equip your kitchen with a few useful gadgets.
The basic accessories are containers for making ice cream on a stick. Simply pour the mass into them and dip a special stick into them. Once the ice cream is ready to eat, you just have to pull the stick to take the dessert out of the container and eat the delicious ice cream on the stick. These accessories are made of coloured, durable and health-safe plastic and are therefore reusable. As an alternative to special containers, the sticks themselves are also available. Sets of up to 100 pieces are available in the shops. Thanks to them, ice cream can be frozen in any container.
For those who prepare more home ice-cream, freezing containers similar to those used in ice cream and confectionery will be useful. They are resistant to very low temperatures, so they can be safely stored in the freezer, and a large capacity allows you to make a large amount of ice cream. For convenient portioning of ice cream removed from large containers, it is advisable to have special spoons at hand to make the knobs.
Perfectionists who love home ice cream may be tempted to buy a special machine and robot to prepare this type of desserts. The basic models are not expensive and allow you to prepare your favourite ice cream quickly and conveniently, even in large quantities. For real gourmets there are even home ice cream machines. By serving them to your guests, you can make a great impression on them.
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