(home page of service)
1 payout 10 Euros Tested service, I got, unfortunately, long I collected the necessary 210 points. Registration in 3 easy steps, but I recommend to pay attention to step 2 where I suggest to mark in the question “Are you registered in other marketing research panels in addition to opinion people? – Mark NO.
(step 2 of the registration)
After proper registration and confirmation of the e-mail (standard) we will be able to log in to the account, which will look like this:
Pay attention to our account, in the “Welcome (1)” section you will find the balance of points and basic account details. By clicking on “My surveys” we will enter the profile surveys, here we will earn Our first 12 points by filling in 6 questionnaires 🙂
As for the prizes I know that they pay for PayPal but if it’s with prizes in kind I don’t dare to test it… You can choose from 3 prize types (click):
I encourage you to try 🙂
is a project of Norstat Deutschland GmbH, a company providing market research and public opinion polling services. Norstat Deutschland GmbH collects information from online surveys through the so-called Online Access Panel, a group of registered users who have expressed their willingness to take part in surveys (at regular and irregular intervals) of the market and the public.