MOBROG is a service that offers the possibility of filling in questionnaires, our answers are sent for analysis in an anonymous form and in return we receive money to our panel account. After collecting 20USD we can transfer cash to PayPal account.
(home page of service)
In order to register we fill in the form, it will take us a few seconds to become a member of the service.
The home page of the website is clear, easy and intuitive to find out what and where.
The first thing you should do is go to “My profile” and fill in all the questionnaires from “My personal information”. – This is connected with a better chance of receiving a valuable survey (my record is 11zł).
The next tab worth paying attention to is the “Invite your friends” tab, so for each invited person we will get 1 Euro. In inviting friends there is a small hook because the invited person must successfully complete 3 surveys. After inviting a friend, the pass mark for the invitation is as follows:
1 person has not yet registered
0 person duly registered
1 questionnaire completed
2 questionnaire completed
3 completed questionnaire and we get to the account of 1 Euro