RESEARCHONLINE is a service that pays for surveys but… Well, there is one thing, but they write that they pay for the surveys but they do not send them. I’m registered there for a few years and have only 11 points (40 points payout) maybe I’m unlucky I don’t know. From what I’ve read on the home page you can quickly pick up on your referrals about it I’ll write about it in a moment…
(home page of service)
Registration is quick, we give you an e-mail address, a password and you’re ready to go.
Later we confirm the e-mail, fill in the profile questionnaire and log in to the service, our account will look as follows:
The “My surveys” tab should contain questionnaires to fill in, which are few or nonexistent. The “Edit data” tab is used to change profile data and the “Reward point” tab is used to select one of two prizes:
The “Recommend friends” tab is probably the only option to earn money on this site, for each invited person we get 1 ranking point and for a successful invitation of 50 people we get 100 PLN directly to the account. I don’t really want to look for and invite you, but maybe one of you has a lot of friends whom you can invite, I would be grateful for the information and a little boasting about the prize 🙂 I invite you to test it.