You’ve certainly come across many “ingenious” and “reliable” recipes for rapid and spectacular enrichment. You may have read other handbooks that convinced you that they would help you become financially independent. Meanwhile, nothing has changed in your life…
Why should this not be the case with this book?
Roger James Hamilton became an entrepreneur right after graduating. Before he achieved his great success, he had experienced many failures. Today, he says that his lessons have been much more valuable than his lectures at university, because it is thanks to failures that he has not only found his own way, but even a whole map that has led him to success.
Do you want to achieve financial independence? It’s great! You already know your goal. Unfortunately, you will not realize it until you find out who you are and where you are.
The millionaire’s strategy will show you the way to financial independence in a unique, understandable and interesting way. But first do a short online test: within minutes, you will find out which genius is in you and which level of the Tower of Prosperity you are at.
Are you a genius of Steel, Energy, Time or Fire?
Are you at the level of the Fundamental Prism, Entrepreneurship or maybe Alchemy?
With this knowledge, you will take full advantage of Hamilton’s innovative approach to wealth creation. In the millionaire’s strategy you will find clear, easy to implement, inspiring tips to improve your financial situation. You will learn what you need to do in order to reach a higher level of the Bogdanka Tower. This book is a guide, a map, a GPS – if you are looking for your own way to become financially independent, earn more, be successful in running your business or developing your investments, then you have found it.
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