I recently read an article in Guardian about how the daily ritual of women’s care is getting longer and how some of the three cosmetics have gone to more than 10, an olaf. The whole text was a bit clickbait, because it was supposed to be about the dark sides of the care, and it was about the fact that women want to have a beautiful complexion, and not only beautifully paint themselves. I believe that care is essential – and the essence of a face, such as Miya Cosmetics, is a cosmetic that works very well in everyday care.
Essence for Miya’s face – application
Let’s start with the moment when we use the essence at all. Monika from Perfect Basic wrote very well about what the essence of the face is, but in short: it is not a tonic, it is rather a diluted serum. This is, of course, a simplification, but it is clear that this preparation is used for care and not for cleaning. Miya’s facial essence is encapsulated in a spray bottle, so it’s natural to want to sinter your face directly – but if I’m honest, I’ve done it only once. I don’t like it when anything gets into my eye, and with this type of application there is a great chance to do it. Instead, I squeeze several times on my hand and spread the liquid over my face with my fingers. Incidentally, it works very well with another Miya Cosmetics, but I will tell you about it in my review. The very action of the essence cannot be regarded as a revolution, it is not a cosmetic “at once”. But after several days of use you feel that the skin is better moisturized.
Essence for Miya’s face – composition
The composition of Miya Cosmetics essence for the face includes hyaluronic acid, a strong humidifier, as well as vitamins, aloe vera extract and coconut extract. For me this coconut is a moderate joy, because I do not like this smell, but it is felt literally for a few seconds after the spraying, then it disappears. The composition is very good and the price of the essence is affordable. What’s more, the manufacturer recommends to use it also under makeup to fix it or during the day, to refresh the skin – so there are a lot of applications. Especially in summer, it can be used as a freshener after a long journey by air or car.
The essence of Miya’s face – my opinion
I was supposed to write something about the fact that it is nice, that good American cosmetic brands are appearing, but it is not a novelty, because there are more and more of them, and those that have been on the market for years, are also beginning to react to trends and stop proposing the same well-laid formulas and solutions. I can only guess that the essence of the face, Miya Cosmetics or any other, will not enter the top 5 sale of any drugstore, because for many girls, anything but washing gel and cream for the day is an exaggeration in care. But if you want to see how easy it is to additionally moisturize your skin, I recommend you to try such a cosmetics.
Miya Cosmetics facial essence costs 30USD  100 ml and can be purchased from the company’s online store and many drugstores.