In the age of mass-produced furniture, it seemed that furniture fittings, handles and locks became a secondary matter. Furniture sets and furniture walls were supposed to be cheap and fit to the big board construction. Everything became unified, common and, unfortunately, ugly. In recent years, we can observe a growing emphasis on ensuring that interiors, and thus also furniture, reflect the character and personality of its owner. Furniture is designed in accordance with the prevailing trends and adjusted to individual customer needs. Just as in fashion, all additions emphasize the style of creation, so the fittings and furniture locks have become an attractive decorative element of well-designed furniture.

Nowadays, these once underestimated and embarrassingly masked accessories can give the furniture a unique and unique character. Creating interiors we now have a wide selection of locks not only in terms of their application, method of assembly, functionality, but also in terms of design and colour.  Modern interiors are dominated by smooth, uniform surfaces and combinations of metal and glass. Display cases and showcases, which optically enlarge the interior and provide better illumination, will be a frequent piece of equipment. Their glass doors require greater delicacy. A showcase lock is usually equipped with a cylinder mechanism, which enables gentle and safe closing and opening. Of course, the colours of the lock can be selected according to individual needs, but in modern interiors, cool shades of silver and chrome are best suited to glass.

Retro fashion lovers prefer solid and massive furniture that resembles their grandmother’s wardrobe, with the nostalgic scent of naphthalene. Recessed furniture locks, large and decorative keys and solid patinated steel, cast iron or warm brass, bronze or antique gold fittings are more suitable for old furniture. Well-chosen locks and furniture fittings will emphasize the character of the interior and become an eye-catching element. Before choosing the right locks, it is worthwhile to consult with a competent advisor.