A few months ago I wrote about Iceland who was the first to decide to introduce bottle recycling machines and now Morrisons has followed in his footsteps.
You can place 20 bottles or cans per day in the slot machine. In exchange for donating your ‘rubbish’ you will get More points and vouchers or you can donate your ‘rubbish’ to charities – which seems to be a great option because I know that there are many of you who do not want to ‘play with the rubbish’.
You can only insert plastic bottles and disposable cans into the machine, not Tupperware, because the machines will only accept barcode bottles and cans or Morrisons own multipack bottles.
To date, the machines are only available in 2 stores in Skipton and Lindsayfield, Morrisons will check for 6 months whether they will be willing for such an action if it is successful and the machines will be introduced in all stores in the country.
Of course not everyone is in favour of Sian Sutherland machines, the founder of A Plastic Planet says that recycling alone is not enough and we have to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles, in total I agree with him but somewhere you have to start so the machines are a great place.
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