The money is not lucky? On the contrary. They give me happiness understood as comfort. Find your own and feel happy. Because you can.
lucky money does not give
lucky money does not give
find your comfort
lucky money does not give
This comfort may result from the feeling of security caused by having a financial pillow for the so-called black hour, which always knocks out in the least expected moment. This is the state when you do not have to tighten your belt, when you spend money on medication in case of sudden illness or repair of the washing machine.
The comfort of a person who values development may be the awareness that he/she can afford the desired office and investment in his/her development. And it’s just that, not at the expense of something else.
Parents can feel comfortable knowing that they can afford to educate their children. That when they grow up, they will be able to finance their studies, even in another country, and they will not have to give up their dreams, because “parents cannot afford”.
The comfort of the fashionista will be the possibility of seasonal exchange of wardrobes so that the cut, color and pattern is in line with the latest trend. For why not?
The comfort of the entrepreneur will be the financial liquidity and secured funds not only to timely settle current liabilities, but also to develop the company, and even (shock!) maintain a similar standard of living in the future read in retirement. Because, as we know, entrepreneurs always have the wind in their eyes.
The employee’s comfort will be the possibility of resting, regardless of whether in the USA or on the blue beach – the important thing is that he will be able to leave and reset his mind. Because a relaxed employee is an effective employee so and savings for the employer.
The comfort of a young couple will be the possibility to buy the first, shared apartment. As a minimum, although the funds for own contribution required by the bank and the free possibility of repaying the installments of the loan taken out.
The comfort of the blogger will be provided by the funds for the implementation of (around)blog projects, investment in new equipment, development or travel. Interesting content that you so eagerly read does not come from anything. They are the result of the experiences that bloggers share on their blogs. And collecting impressions and experiences, although great, is also connected with the money spent.
lucky money does not give
lucky money does not give
There is an embassy in it, that I do not enter, that I do not judge. Someone will invest, someone will squander, and someone else will contribute to the account of a selected foundation – their choice. Don’t judge you either. Simply find your comfort and you’ll find out how much money you really need to be happy with.
And be happy.
And the rest of the performance. Or invest. Or do whatever you want. It’s your money in the end.
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lucky money does not give