A dozen or so creative and diverse ideas for decorating your nails to match your dress! Flowers, geometric patterns, lace, different colours and inspirations! Ideal for wedding nails, communion parties, dating or holiday parties.
Nail decorations matching the dress
This entry is primarily a summary of the #creativenailparty challenge. In the last week of the game the task was to prepare the nail decoration matching the dress. I have collected the works of the participants here – beautiful! But I will start by presenting my own ideas. When inventing the slogan “for the dress” I was thinking first of all about nail decorations for the wedding, such as classic and elegant. I collected the most common themes and prepared a short list of ideas:
Classic red – as you don’t know what to choose, this red lacquer will always work. Timeless in colour, fits virtually any creation, looks phenomenal with red lips.
Nude nails – minimalist and elegant
Something glossy – elegant zirconium or Swarovski crystals or glittering or metallic accents.
Delicate lace – very feminine, sensual and romantic designs
Flowers – especially roses
One colour to complement your hairstyle.
There are a lot of motifs to use, you can freely combine them and adjust them to your style. I like minimalist, straight dresses and heavily decorated nails the most, but in spring and summer I choose more floral styles and more subtle patterns. I mixed all my inspirations, buried them in the wardrobe and in the drawer with lacquers and created three nail styles, which are perfect for a wedding, for example.
Nails for the wedding
Classic red, a bit of shine, boring colour, flowers and lace – these are the motifs I chose when preparing my proposals of nail decorations for the wedding. I am curious which design you will like the most!
Videotutorial – step by step decorations
Red nails with zirconia
You know what, these nails are completely not in my style! But still I was pleased to wear them. It’s a nice strain – to have something in the style of classic elegance instead of my usual trophies.
The base colour is my favourite red hybrid – Evo nails “Kiss Kiss” To this I added the opalescent zirconium and holographic silver broccoli Victoria Vynn Gel Polish “Silvery Skycraper”.
Floral nails with boredom
A nice idea to decorate your nails is to recreate a dress pattern. For this task I have chosen one of my favourite dresses – a light beige dress in grey roses.
The base colour is one of my favourite nude lacquers, the OPI “My Vampire is Buff” – I’ve used up more than half of the bottle! It has the perfect shade for me: ♥ I painted the patterns with nail polish (Barielle “U-concrete-me”, Essie “Chinchilly” and Orly “Pink Noise”) and white and black acrylic paint.
Laceful nails
Lace is a hot topic in the wedding season! They look very light and romantic on a pastel or warm background, and on a translucent black background they take on a sensual style. Both versions will be ideal for weddings, weddings and dates.
I chose a bright, muted blue Evo nails “Cut the jeans”. I like this hybrid varnish very much, it has a pleasant consistency, it spreads well and hides well. And the colour is pretty. The effect of black lace was achieved by painting the nail with a semi-transparent black varnish. I don’t have such a hybrid – I just mixed an ordinary black lacquer with a topcoat. On all my nails I put a stamp on the elegant lace from MoYou London “Bridal” 07. a couple of years ago I lost this lace somewhere in my flat, but fortunately it was moved in! And that’s how long I’ve been looking for her!
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My nails for the wedding and the communion party
I like all these nail decorations, I was pleased to wear them, but as you probably guess, they are not 100% in my style. I usually choose more intense colours and patterns. An elegant lady in a suit is probably never going to be me, closer to the style of boho or rock. And when I have to dress nicely and elegantly I choose something in the style of the pin up and fashion of the 50’s. In this style is my favorite dress. How much I was looking for! But it was worth it, because I like it incredibly! As soon as I bought it, it went straight to my favourites! However, I always have a cutout, which nail decoration to prepare for. It has a strong colour and large, colourful and clear patterns. Modest fingernails, preferably monochrome, would fit in, but yen, I definitely prefer decoration and patterns! However, I managed to create something – a year ago at the wedding I had a camping nail decoration (until now I’m happy with it), and this year at the communion party I decided to put on the same color (Victoria Vynn Pure 012 “Candy Blush” – I love this nail polish!♥), but other designs. Maybe they don’t match the style of a dress so perfectly, but it’s a very fashionable design, a hit this summer! (and an entry on trends for the summer of 2018 is about to be made)