Summer music festivals, concerts and numerous family festivals are also starting their holidays closer and closer. The beautiful weather that accompanies these moments, the closeness of family or friends, and the rhythm of your favorite music are all elements of good fun. Once you have experienced this type of event, later wonderful memories accompany you day by day until the next time.
Our mobile devices help us stop these beautiful moments for longer, they enable us to take unique pictures that capture the magic of the moment, record the most beautiful fragments of songs, which can then be bored all the time, and provide contact with our loved ones so that we can share our experiences with our family.
So you probably know for yourself how important it is to ensure that your devices are properly protected so that they can continue to perform their functions. During your stay in the tent, when there is a lack of power and water, the powerbank will be useful, and a stylish case will provide protection against a possible fall. To make your own unique self, you’ll need a self stick, and a cable bracelet will never forget about it again.
The unquestionable advantage of all these gadgets is very low weight, compact size, accessories can successfully fit into any hand luggage or even a larger pocket. So they do not take up a lot of space on the journey, and they can make the trip even more pleasant and sometimes even save lives, and greatly facilitate their everyday existence.
Suitable case as second skin – clothing for phone
To make your phone feel safe, give it something that will provide you with adequate protection in the event of a possible fall or scratch. We are, of course, talking about a phone case. For all kinds of trips I recommend especially the case made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), it is a very flexible material, much more durable than today’s fashionable silicone. The TPU case allows you to enjoy the impeccable look of your phone for a long time, ingeniously absorbs shocks of all kinds, and features a softly protruding edge that is designed to protect the screen from scratches when the phone is lying down. Each of our cases has slotted port space, dedicated to a specific model of phone, which allows you to use the phone without having to remove the case. Among our cases, everyone will find something for themselves, both lovers of minimalism and those who want to stand out from the crowd. Each case is unique to match your personality perfectly. We are the lucky owners of cases on the phone with different designs and colors, we very much appreciate the case from the side, the choice of prints is immense, all of them tempting with their colors and design and perfectly lie in the hand. Both women and men should find it easy to find something for themselves, for example in the summer collection just right on time for holidays.
Screen without flaws
If your phone is already dressed in a stylish case, it would be a good idea to think about glass as well. Glass provides excellent protection against falls, resulting in breakage or, at best, scratching of the screen on the phone. Once the glass has been applied to the screen, only the glass will be damaged in the event of an accident. Fixing the glass is a very simple operation, and its coating has oleophobic properties, which make it easier to keep the phone clean. Glass is perfect not only for trips, but also when you keep your phone loose in your pocket or bag, accompanied by keys or buzzing coins, which can scratch the sensitive surface of the screen.
Cables – small, but fun to use
Have you forgotten the USB cable for an important trip, and had to combine where to buy it? There is no cable left to charge your phone anymore. But there will also be a way out. I suggest to take the cable with you for each trip in the form of a bracelet, which you can put on your hand, or attach to the handle of the handbag. The bracelets are coloured, so you can’t help noticing them, even in the depths of a woman’s handbag. The cables are available in micro USB and lightning versions, so you can easily charge any device with their help and transfer files from one device to another.
Energy has never been enough
One of the most important accessories is the powerbank. It will provide our devices with a reliable and efficient source of energy for a longer period of time, allowing us to use the device for longer. For trips to summer festivals and holidays, the best solution will be the powerbank with quite a high power, which will successfully enable us to charge two devices at once, or power the same device several times. You don’t have to worry about the powerbank suddenly dropping out and staying on the ice. Most powerbanks have a digital indicator that tells you when you’re charging. This portable battery charges any device including your digital SLR camera or laptop.
Phone protection applications
One of the