A talking horse, the end of the world, dead trees, a mask from which I started crying and how to become a programmer. Cosmetics, books and series on Netflix. Welcome to the “Favourites of June”!
Favorite cosmetics in June
Summer make-up – the Sweet Peach palette and the Lumene luminaire
You may wonder why my newest palette, Nabla “Dreamy”, is not here? I bought it at the end of June and decided that it would fit more into the “darlings of July” (although now I have doubts whether it will reach any darlings; but I will write you about it within the next month). So “Sweet peach”, my learning shade palette! And my favourite summer make-up, which I did very often in June.
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Light make up for the summer – my proposal:
Powder – without primer, possibly eye catcher,
Golden Rose Bronze eyebrow gel – the gel itself, because I darken my eyebrows with henna,
Mineral shadow to the eyelids of the “Cocoa Cup” in the refraction of the eyelid;
Shadows ” Sweet Peach “: Luscious on the moving eyelid, Nectar in the inner corner and Carmelized in the outer corner;
“: Luscious on the moving eyelid, Nectar in the inner corner and Carmelized in the outer corner; Optional – eyeliner, mandatory – mascara;
Lumene liquid illuminator – gives the effect of wet, reflective surface, looks very natural, super for summer!
Liquid – gives the effect of wet, reflecting the light surface, looks very natural, super for summer! NARS Laguna Bronzer – I use non stop since I got it, I even touched the bottom in one place!
Favorite light lipstick (in my opinion it’s Kiko from the old limit).
Carbon mask peel-off pore cleanser
Enlarged pores that are easy to pollute are my nightmare. I use regular cleansing masks (mainly clay-based ones), two-step cleansing with make-up oil every evening, and “nose patches” every now and then to help, but it still happens that I have black dots on my nose. But the mask company pulls everything out, wow!
It’s a black, thick and sticky mask that dries to a peel off shape. It needs to be distributed carefully, but it is not difficult. It sticks for quite a long time (as described on the package – 45 minutes), but it pulls off completely. Only care with this download – it can hurt! And be careful when applying to the eyebrows, because it will tear out all the hairs! The first time I pulled this mask off, it hurt me so much that I had tears in my eyes (another thing is that even when my eyebrows were adjusted, I always cried at the beautician’s). But it’s not so unpleasant that you can’t stand it, but the second time I knew what to expect and it wasn’t so painful. But the skin was fantastically cleansed! You could see how many “dirt” she pulled out, wow! I still fight with the black dots and the extended pores on my nose, but it’s getting better!
I got the mask at the bloggers’ meeting thanks to the Red Cup ?
YOPE “Verbena” cosmetics – liquid soap and hand cream
I love YOPE cosmetics – good compositions, charming design in my taste, calm availability and most of all – these fragrances! One of my favourites is Verbena – herbal and lemon, light and refreshing. At this point I have this large hand cream/body lotion with a “Verbena” fragrance pump and “Verbena” liquid soap. (Verizona two replenishment bags in stock). And every time I use them, I melt over the smell, I like it!
Soap like soap – gentle but effective. I also use sometimes instead of shower gels. A bit expensive, but I love it so much that I can pay for it a couple of dollars. I actually buy all the time since I found out about the brand, only with short breaks for Isana peach foam (I recommend it very, it is great and cheap, and it smells divine).
YOPE hand and body lotion has a light formula, is quickly absorbed and leaves a nice fragrance on the skin. If you have a very dry and demanding hand skin, this lotion will simply be too weak for you. In such a situation I recommend e.g. Regenerum cream (it was in favourites in June) or my beloved coconut Palmer’s (it’s probably my favourite of the year, super cream). At night, I reach for one of these two more concise, but YOPE is the best choice for lubricating my hands several times a day. So light that it absorbs quickly, leaves a beautiful fragrance, and the packaging with the pump makes things easier. Well, it looks nice on your desk anyway. I also use YOPE lotion for my body – it works well in this role, and the smell is delightful and very pleasant in the evening.
Many books in June!
About books briefly, because I read it so much that I wounded. Most of them are from my list of books for the summer, so I will describe them in more detail either in separate posts in the near future or in a readable summary of the summer (planned for the end of August and the beginning of September).
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What did I read in June?
Barbara Kwiatkowska “Skin care, Asian inspirations” – re-we-la-cyj-na! I’m already writing a post with a review, but somehow not