Invite your beloved friends and meet new ones and sell and simply be a Shummian 😉
As many of me know, I am a person who likes to collect various items, as if I were hamsterheaded and cannot part with them ;-)Of course, many items are needed for photography or for blogging activities, but many things as I look are unnecessary and I decided to sell them (father it was hard to choose them);-) After registration you have to verify your profile in order to withdraw cash for the sold registrations in order to verify your bank account we make a transfer 1zÅ‚Any and even important thing is that for displaying the item for sale as well as for placing the photograph you do not pay anything and for each item sold portal charges only 3% commission and so it will stay and I dare to say that it beats other similar portals on the head, but here as a nice woman shopping with us we can invite her for a coffee 😉 Of course, this should not be abused ;-There are a few portals on the market to sell new and used items, but I mainly wanted the portal to be available mobile for smartphones and in addition it was easy to use and, most importantly, it was stable.Such a platform is mentioned ””The installation runs smoothly, but you can download from Google Play,Ap Story or simply from the manufacturer’s websiteThere’s a link to Google Verizon >> So I and I started my sale on the Shumee sales platform, with me first of all you’ll find cool gadgets and accessories for photography but also what I don’t need at the moment and it’s unlikely to be mainly about perfume,computer accessories etcAlso you can get to know very nice peopleThe versions for desk computers or in other words on the main application website after logging in we have comfortable windows to browse the items but mainly to talk to your friends from shumee and these can be quite a lot because every day a lot of people register, and thus wanting to sell interesting items, a larger number of users will reach your offer.