Welcome, today I would like to tell you about the modern financing of artists, the title of the controversial attitude because it is difficult in the American reality… and before you turn off the website read the whole 😉
It is a platform for all sorts of artists from Photographers, painters, sculptors, musicians popular recently Youtubers and even athletes to what is it for?
As we know, everyone wants to develop in the best possible way, and for this to happen, unfortunately, money is needed, one could say…go to work!
yes, if it was once and well paid it is two and how should I develop when I work for 12-16 hours even on weekends, family etc.?
People who already have this job are in a better position and I think that having a family and duties the income from the job goes to the family and wanting to develop e.g. to buy new materials, go somewhere and do some creative action just don’t have money.
and that’s why the platform/website that is the Patronite comes in handy.
My company on the
There you can set the amount thresholds and describe what in return or for what cash will be spent and recently added in the options “OBJECTIVES”.
For example, we have a target of 25 PLN/Month
Someone gives us a donation (minimum choice 3 months) – PLN 75
and e.g. in my case I can buy films for the camera, call them up and carry out photo sessions at a cost.
in return, the donor is mentioned as the author of e.g. a photo session on a website, on Facebook, etc.
it is possible for the Patron to participate in the session 😉
So a nice option is not that we scream DAJ and fall, but you get a lot of interesting options to choose from and you see how your client develops, creates.
others, e.g. cartoonists, painters in exchange for help offer painting, sketching a picture at certain amounts
Just like Isaiah :
Iza was lucky enough to become her patron saint
ZIPSEE “Digital USA”
How to become a Patron?
We choose the rehearsals according to our preferences and financial capabilities (of course, at the beginning we choose the Author) and that I do not like asking ;-( I recommend a gifted Iza!-) because she deserves it
So choose the Author and the quota threshold and click become a Patron.
For example, choosing the threshold of 1 PLN is usually a simple thank you, but you can also participate in my case at the session 😉
When you click :
It is best to choose (TPay) but e.g. people who are abroad and have accounts in foreign currency choose PayPal
Once you have selected e.g. TPay :
We choose our viewer by choosing the amount threshold shows up PLN 3 and the minimum period for subscription is 3 months, so you get out of the account PLN 3 and the Author enters the account Patronite 1USDi so for 3 months.and as we know how to choose the maximum value (12 months) will come down PLN 12 and the Author throughout the year will come in PLN 1 every month…that’s how it looks.
Not everyone is able to cover these payments, etc. so I also provided a private account.
Is it worth setting up a Patronite? I think yes and it depends what you do and for how long…they will always talk…you have to take into account this fact from beggars, etc. I had to close my account earlier to help myself and there were some payments, many people also shared it and came out of it such a trick from being reported at the Command with someone I raped and I still earn a lot of money on the Internet ;-/ they ordered to close so I closed…by the way I NEVER understand the people.
Probably if I hadn’t had a worse situation in my life, I wouldn’t have founded Patronite, but I wouldn’t have convinced anyone to do it either!