Welcome after a long break, but what has recently fallen into my hands is even asked to be described, so today I would like to present you an extraordinary device that will give the climate in your home and professionally with Swiss precision will moisten your interiors, and as we know for comfort and convenience often have to pay, and if the item is not yet Made in China, you probably think of this considerable expense?and will surprise you? the device does not cost more than 1,000USDale the exact price will be given to you at the end.
I introduce you to Oscar, not only that noble name is still handsome and how much he can 😉
Its main advantage as well as its function is to humidify rooms.
It will also satisfy the demanding, even those very demanding ones.
In addition to moisturizing, it has quite an original function and exactly has an odor dispenser, of course, which can be replaced as you like 😉 My favorite one is fir / fir and when we wake up in the morning and feel at home…………………….! 😉
Stadler Form’s mission is unusual design, simplicity, functionality and Swiss precision.
By the way, I will add, but probably many people also know from a Swiss company called “Stadler” that produces trains 😉
I should add that the filters of the humidifier are interchangeable and their replacement does not require much knowledge and
everybody can do it.
Also interesting are the overvoltage filters and the function of switching off the device when the tank is progressing, so it does not consume electricity when not required.
I have a few cool colors to choose from so that everyone can choose the right one for their interior; -)
The device is silent and virtually invisible, and its design will surely surprise your guests, and now the concretes for which everyone is waiting, so how much do you have to pay for the Oscar?
PLN 629
You can buy Oscar HERE
I will not give up my work and I recommend to everyone who appreciates comfort, comfort, health and timeless and simple design.
Do you want to waste time on doctors, of course “Oskar” is not the doctor and will not cure you, but it will prevent many illnesses and take care of the comfort in your home?