Gallery Store – An opportunity for young artists?
Welcome, today I would like to show you a portal with great inspirations, which can be a fulfillment for many young and not only artists, and a treat for connoisseurs.
what is it all about?
Gallery Store is a mainly sales portal where creators can put up for sale their works in many fields, such as: it is a mainly sales portal where creators can put up for sale their works in many fields, such as:
Artistic handicraft and many others.
How well do we know a photographer in total can make a living by selling single photos to newspapers, magazines or simply by performing occasional services (weddings, etc.) but is it a fulfillment?
Maybe I don’t know the Painting market exactly, but I know a lot of very talented painters, drawers who do it for passion sometimes with one or two drawings per month will paint something for someone for a small fee but can it be maintained? a seasoned artist/painter with many years of experience probably does, but what a young person who is just beginning his career does, but at the same time very talented, and I know that brushes, canvases, easels cost money, so Gallery Store is a very good start for achievements, but also for recognition, because the service itself helps in cooperation with the media and the wider audience.
I was persuaded to visit the Gallery Store by a colleague who is a painter and exhibits her own paintings there and even sold a few of them, I associated the portal because I saw an advertisement somewhere, but most of the paintings were so I looked for a moment and left, but it was only after my colleague’s persuasion that I found out that you could exhibit your works there in the photography section, which made me happy.
The account is quite simple, after registration we get to know the whole specificity of the Service, how it all looks, so we set the price for our work, and when it comes to selling Gallery Store sends us a courier and collects the parcel and then have up to 14 to settle with us, I haven’t yet reached how much commission they charge because if they send a courier who also costs something, but it’s understandable because whether a courier or running such a service costs, so we don’t discuss 😉
There are many services that help young or old talents from different fields of art, but it was the Gallery Store that attracted my attention the most because of its clear rules, simple but at the same time transparent and modern visual setting, and that thanks to them we can appear and show a wider audience, or people interested in art in a broad sense.
Besides, the website contains information about interesting schools, universities, competitions where we can commune with art very close, I recommend to everyone, but remember that when submitting your works they are moderated so that the level and professionalism is at the highest level, but as you feel on your strength, your works are praised by outstanding people from the world of art,and we know that there is no one there after loving that when someone knows a given area very well they will tell the truth because kitsch or shame will not be praised by anyone, but it is good because, apart from the subject, such groundless praising can only be harmed, and I say that criticism is my greatest strength, the greater the better;-)
So why do they continue to photograph how much they criticize my work? about it in the next bedding.
I greet