Lamax Street ST-1 Maybe recently we are not pampered by the weather, but sometimes we have no other option or possibility to listen to our favorite music, so I have a real gem for you in terms of mobility, performance and, most of all, the power of music that comes out of the mobile speaker, which is
Quality of workmanship
Well, the quality, can we expect something good from the speaker for the whole 150zł?
Of course, this has already been proven by JBL GO’s smaller brother.
The loudspeaker is equipped with two mini loudspeakers on one wall and one bass loudspeaker on the back, additionally the loudspeaker is made of metal of course… I can not imagine who the material is 😉 the pressure grille does not bend and is stiff, which makes a very good impression. the whole looks quite professional and has an interesting design. All elements are perfectly fitted, nothing crackles, no sticks unpleasantly or nothing of these things, the material from which it is made is pleasant to the touch, first of all it does not finger and if any dirt appears we will quickly remove the damp cloth.It is equipped with two mini speakers on one wall and one bass speaker on the back, additionally the grille is made of metal of course no different… I can not imagine the material who knows 😉 the pressure grille does not bend and is stiff, which makes a very good impression. the whole looks quite professional and has an interesting design.
Table of technical specifications Bluetooth 2.1 wireless technology for pairing with older devices. Loudspeaker power 10 W Playback time Up to 8 hours. Max. evaporation distance Up to 15 m. Speaker modes Bluetooth speaker, digital FM radio, MP3 player, handsfree device. Bluetooth playback options, audio cable, Micro SD card, USB Digital FM radio Automatic finding of available stations, memory for storing found stations.
MP3 Player Plays MP3, WAV, WMA formats. Store the last track played back. Handsfree Built-in speaker and microphone. Hands-free operation is possible using the buttons on the loudspeaker. Speaker button functions Change mode, control volume, switch tracks/stations, search for stations, operate handsfree. Loudspeaker functions Storing the last song and station, Power bank function Dimensions 180 x 65 x 71 mm Weight 380 g
Operation and Music
Now the most important thing is the musicality of the loudspeaker…and the quality? the fact is equipped with 3 speakers in this bass, but you know the walls or windows will not start to vibrate the ears will hurt… The most interesting thing is rock music, but also ordinary tracks sound more interesting, you know it is certainly not and probably never a product of this type will be audiophile it just has to play the louder the better and nothing has to crack and so on.
Summary – is it worth investing?
Lamax Street ST-1 is a great mobile device in every respect…it would be a sin to have this product at a price of less than 150 PLN not to recommend everything we need, a spacious battery that lasts 8/10 hours, radio, USB and micro SD ports and is above all very noisy, besides, the quality of workmanship is at a high level and the whole design is as it is said?
With a clear conscience I recommend it because for sure your ears and expectations will not be disappointed.
As the only disadvantage of the last 3 months with this speaker it may be that there is no handle e.g. for the belt for even more comfortable carrying maybe not this category and with this handle are equipped smaller units so maybe this one found by force for 3 months of intensive use I found nothing that would disturb me or worry, loudspeaker great for meetings with friends in the open, or exercises in the place etc.
in comparison to others it pairs very fast with every smartphone or tablet and has quite a range in a straight line at my disposal it turned out that somewhere 30/35 meters from the telephone,If you don’t want to bury your phone or e.g. unload your phone too quickly with the help of many inputs, among others, popular USB test drives supported 8GB and 16GB as well as 32GB and to make it even more interesting to see USB 750GB drive without power supply, apart from the music on the disk there was a lot of photos and other non-musical files and after inserting and pressing PLAY immediately played the music..great Verizon for speed, additionally it has a micro SD card slot here I tested the 16GBi card as a cherry on the proverbial cake is or rather there are important functions: a loudspeaker equipped with a radio tuner which sees 30 stations as an antenna will use us with a jack cable which is included, and a function as for our times a very important loudspeaker is equipped with a 1300 power-bank