A young child
It turns out that children’s clothes and accessories do not have to be boring at all. There is no shortage of brands on the market that focus on innovative, original and functional solutions, which in the case of children is of great importance.
Minimalisma is a brand, which was established in 2011, but has already won a wide circle of supporters. Its products strongly refer to the Scandinavian style. The company relies on high-quality organic materials – Egyptian cotton, Italian wool, silk and Merino wool. Minimalisma garments are maintained in subdued colours, which blend beautifully with each other. Signature wool” and “Signature silk seamless” lines are seamless, which positively affects the comfort of the child. They are ideal for toddlers with particularly sensitive skin.
MP Denmark
MP Denmark is a well-known manufacturer of tights, socks and accessories for children. The brand has been present on the market for over 75 years. It focuses on comfortable products that are at the same time hygienic in use. MP Denmark’s tights and socks are extremely durable, which is why they are often used by future generations. They are produced from high quality yarn certified by Oeko-Tex, which gives them high durability. MP Denmark’s offer is very wide and is constantly being expanded with new items.
Feather Drum
Feather Drum is original or even slightly extravagant. They attract attention with their unusual patterns and prints, modern cuts and high quality of workmanship. The brand draws a lot from tradition and has been relying on the boho style for years. Feather Drum products are mainly inspired by French fashion and have strong references to nature. Therefore, the brand is considered to be a “high fashion” children’s brand. It offers products for girls and boys up to the age of 12.
Huxbaby is a Australian brand that focuses on minimalism in children’s fashion in a modern way. The products of the brand stand out with their simple design and classic form. They are made of high quality soft cotton. It is a great solution for people who appreciate the comfort of use first of all. Huxbaba’s clothes are kept in subdued, monochromatic colours, which children love, contrary to appearances.
Kid+Kind is a United States brand of children’s clothing. Brand clothing is a combination of many patterns and colours. Each collection is different, but at the same time it refers to the previous ones. That’s why Kid+Kind products can be combined with each other. The company relies on high quality, soft organic cotton, thanks to which its clothes are both durable and comfortable to use. All prints are coated with non-toxic water-based paint, which is 100% safe and harmless for children. Although the brand is only 3 years old, as it was created in 2014 by Jackie Sage, it has already reached a wide audience. The originator of the idea is of the opinion that also children’s clothes can be creative and unique. This motto tries to be implemented on a daily basis.
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