Many, mostly unjust, myths have grown around the parrots. They are very often accused of being noisy and of possessive. Those interested in buying a parrot may be of the opinion that this is a ready recipe for ruining their lives, because these colourful birds are very insistent and force the permanent presence of the owner. This is a far-reaching overinterpretation. In fact, every parrot can and must be brought up in such a way that it is a companion of man and adapts to the rules of the house.
Before you buy, consider the rules you prefer
It may not be the case that immediately after buying a parrot the owner gives way to its field, tries to lift the sky, and when the first enchantment passes, tries to “push” the cat into its home frames. Consistency is essential here from the outset. It is worth looking at the parrot a bit like a child. For her, everything she encounters in her new home is completely alien. It depends on the owner how the bird adapts to this reality and whether it fully accepts it.
Even before you decide to buy a particular parrot, write down on a piece of paper all your habits, which you cannot or do not want to give up. This can be for example late standing up at the weekend, going out to clubs on Saturdays, walking in the afternoon, watching matches on Wednesday evening, and so on. Then categorically promise yourself that the parrot will not destroy this order.
The biggest mistake that can be made
The opinion on the supposedly insistent character of parrots is not unfounded. However, it is important to know that it is based on typical upbringing mistakes made by inexperienced breeders. The parrots are very intelligent and can ruthlessly exploit any human hesitation.
Many debuting owners are caught in a simple trap. After the parrot has been brought home, it is immediately the focus of attention. Everyone wants to play with her, pamper her, fulfill her every desire. The parrot is calling at 6 a.m. on Saturday? There will certainly be someone who will go there. The bird is screaming because it was left alone in the room? One of the members of the household will appear next to the cage.
That is a big mistake! In this way, the parrot learns that its noisy behaviour has the desired effect. It is certain that the bird will continue to use it until it finally becomes a domestic terrorist, who does not raise any objections and reacts very badly to even a short parting with the owner.
So what to do?
You can’t afford to get on your head. Of course, this is difficult. The parrot arouses very positive emotions, at the beginning you want to devote every free moment to it. We do, however, recommend far-reaching restraint. The arrival of the bird in the house should not destroy the natural, pre-formed order. This parrot is supposed to adapt to the rules imposed by man, not the other way round.
The adaptation period for parrots is usually up to 3-4 weeks. If you don’t give in to your cat’s wishes during this time, and let her take control of your life, you’ll be successful and get a faithful, uncomfortable and loving friend.