Revolut – payment card and account for everyone!
You travel, transfer money to an American account or have trouble setting up a business
a bank account?
This solution is for you.
Revolut has been in the App Store and Google Play for some time now,
I discovered it while looking for a replacement for my Kalix payment card. I wanted it,
from time to time you can withdraw money for free abroad, one that gives you
It has free currency conversions and free transfer options, it can be paid for and paid from, and it is also available in the application, without the need of reaching for a wallet. And most importantly, it is free of charge.
Revolut has just come to my aid. He came and stayed.
But from the beginning:
After installation, the application asks us to confirm with an SMS code. As soon as you have paid the fee of £5, your card is ready to fight. For the first few days we can use the application to pay online. After about 3 days we will get contactless Visa, or Mastercard for withdrawals, payments in the store and others.
No fees are charged for the use of your card, no matter where you are in the world. Moreover, we almost always have the choice of paying in local currency. I personally recommend this solution because we usually save on Interbank exchanges rates. The revolut has its own conversion table and you almost always get a pair of pounds. For example, I recently paid USD 3 000 in the US to an ATM in Euronet.
Euronet has proposed an office for which I would pay almost £800, I have chosen options
The Revolut I charge paid out the zloty and I was only £711. That’s almost 90 in your pocket!
What’s more, if you want to withdraw cash, it’s a monthly free limit for your free to £200 account in your local currency. Then a fee of 2% of the amount is charged, regardless of the amount of withdrawal. Of course, there is no limit to payment in shops (except for contactless which is determined in each country separately).
Recently, Revolut has also offered two new things:
A currency account and the purchase of cryptocurrencies (the latter option for premium users so far).
Problem with opening a bank account? No problem in the accounts tab can be found by clicking on the slider and choosing the add account option. We have more than 30 currencies to choose from. And all of this for free, of course.
Additionally, in the application we have a tab analytics (shows how many and what we spend), payments (here we can transfer money to someone’s phone or account). Transfer offers – Revolut offers them for free, in a perfect conversion rate,
it takes a few days but it is free of charge. There is, of course, a premium option for account holders or a one-off fee of
up to 2% of the amount for transfers on the same day or to the other day in the morning.
In the third tab we can freeze the card if we lose it, apply for a new one or afterwards.
Just see her numbers (if you want to pay for something and you don’t have her at hand). You can also set daily and monthly withdrawal and transaction limits.
The last bookmark is a more option – from the possibility of switching to a premium account, to a credit application that is cheaper about 50% from the bank, to life insurance, electronics or purchasing bit coins.
I recommend the Revolut card to everyone. There are no fees (except £5 for opening an account) and the benefits of using it are huge.
Downloadable application HERE
Please note that this is an important update!
Euronet started to charge a commission for withdrawals from ATMs using the Revolut card in the USA. This is a charge imposed by Euronet, not by Revolut. We have to keep this in mind, because it is quite a change and may have a negative impact on the amount of money we pay out.
Author Lucas Piatkowski
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