Peanut butter is one of the most popular products recently. It is considered to be a healthy and legal snack. Choosing good walnut butter, you can indeed say that, but not every walnut butter meets the standards of the best walnut butter. Below in the article I have gathered (which I will regularly replenish!) different walnut butter. Better, worse, from groundnuts, almonds and more. Check which peanut butter is good, which are worth reaching for and which should be avoided!
Groundnut butter Planta Food
Honestly writing, Planta Food walnut butter is the best peanut butter I have ever tried. Mainly in terms of taste and consistency. The taste is very similar to that of fresh peanuts, and when I eat butter, I have the impression that I eat nuts just taken out of the shell. This is not an obvious issue at all, when it comes to walnut butter from other producers, in which, unfortunately, the only thing you can feel is a chemical aftertaste. In consistency, I like the fact that walnut butter with pieces of nuts is not very firm and hard, but creamy and can be freely chosen with a spoonful of product. It is this that is my favourite, because smooth butter needs to be thoroughly mixed before it can be eaten – the oil precipitates on top, which is a natural process and does not affect the quality of the product.
The quality and composition of Planta Food walnut butter is beyond reproach. In short: 100% nuts, no salt, no sugar, no palm oil. Thanks to this, you can freely add them to your daily diet without worrying that you are eating something unhealthy. This butter is an ideal solution when we do not want to break the rules of our diet, but at the same time we want to have such a snack.
Price: USD 15.80 / 450g
Where to buy: Planta Food Store
All Nutrition almond butter
When it comes to fresh almonds, I do not like this type of nut. They are too hard and somehow this taste does not appeal to me too much. When I tasted almond butter, I would say frankly that I was very positively surprised. That’s the taste! I know that not every almond butter tastes the same, but it’s with All Nutrition that you really make a difference. Not only is it delicious, it is also of very good quality. This is the most important thing for me, because taste is actually a matter of taste. No palm oil, no added sugar or salt, 100% almonds in the composition are all that makes it possible to reach for the product without fear, even on a diet. In terms of fat content, there is 52g of fat per 100g of butter.
All Nutrition almond butter is creamy, it is a kind of smooth butter. What is best, and at the same time I was a little shocked by the fact that despite the creamy texture, no oil is produced on top of the butter. This allows the butter to be eaten immediately after unscrewing the lid, without having to be stirred up beforehand. What I can add, if you are looking for a healthy and nutritious snack, then boldly try almond butter from All Nutrition. You can choose between a 500g and a 1kg version!
Price: 84.99 USD / 1 kg
Where to buy: SFD shop
ViVio walnut paste
I have seen and tried creams or walnut mousse, but I find the Ribbon completely new. It was impossible to get to know this product, and then to write it down in my ranking of good walnut butters, since it has a very good composition and taste ?
Peanut pastes (crunchy and smooth) are made from groundnuts. In other butters, this is usually felt either in the taste or in the smell, and in this product by both taste and smell. Crunchy paste, its consistency reminds me of traditional walnut butter. In turn smooth paste really differs in consistency. The nuts are ground very carefully, the product is not too liquid and resembles a thick mousse. Both products are just as delicious.
Time to look at the composition of ViVio walnut pastes: 100% peanuts are roasted and the salt and sugar content is the result of the presence of these ingredients in the raw nuts. And so much ? Zero additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, palm oil… I value such products!
Nut pastes are packed in 900g glass jars. Not only is it a great pleasure to have it in glass packaging, which does not cause the formation of bisphenol as is the case with plastic packaging.
I recommend to try it, especially smooth walnut paste – it’s definitely my favourite.
Price: PLN 14.99.
Where to buy: ViVio shop
Peanut butter with pieces of walnuts Go On
This peanut butter is also one of the best products in the walnut butter category. Recently, the Go On brand (the company’s distributor) has released a new third flavor of walnut butter – until now, walnut butter has been smooth and with pieces of walnut. For me personally this new product has a chocolate aftertaste and I really recommend to try it. The taste is different from that of the walnut butter I tried and really original.
The advantage of the product is its good quality: no additives.