Geekdeals returns, which is a review of the most interesting hardware, book and gadget opportunities on the American (and not only!) Internet.
Today, the chef offers his services:
In connection with the upcoming communist season, the company launched a sale of the PS4 console, which has been available for you since $1099 – “naked” consoles, as well as those in sets. Take a look at the Uncharted version, which is overvalued by 300USDi and the Play Link version for 1199 USD.
At Aliexpress there is a great sale of telephones, including those of cheap brands (although I do not guarantee quality…), such as OUKITEL or Ulefone. Xiaomi will also be there. If you don’t know how to buy on this Chinese shopping platform, it’s important to have a look at my Aliexpress shopping guide.
In April, IMGN.PRO will be promoting digital versions of all their games. Up to 81% cheaper you can buy, among others, Seven, Superhota or Kholata.
This is not quite an opportunity, but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention that my favourite pop culture clothing and gadget shop, EMP, had just introduced a new collection based on the latest film from the universe of Star Wars, Solo. By the way, check out the assortment related to the newest part of Avengers.
And since Avengers is mentioned, the Cheap Book has gathered quite a lot of games, comics and gadgets with these superheroes. Most of them were overestimated by 20-40%.
Invariably, I invite you to buy cups from my, I’m a geek collection on .