Content marketing is commonly associated with blogs and the publication of sponsored articles, but in reality it gives much more space to show off. After all, the content does not have to be written. It can be said just as well… For some time now, podcasts have been a big hit in content marketing strategies. What is it and should your business go in this direction?
Podcast – valuable content on demand
Podcasts are defined as spoken content that any user can play on a home computer, smartphone, tablet or anything else with Internet access. This is a very convenient solution for those who, for example, do not have time to read blogs and expert articles, but want to be up to date with the issues that interest them.
You can listen to a podcast in your free time, by driving, running, cycling, taking a shower, etc. Of course, provided that the content served in this way is interesting, substantial and – in a pictorial way – “grasps the ear”.
Apart from the convenience, a great advantage of podcasts is the fact that this type of content is used only by people who are really interested in a given subject, and therefore with a high degree of probability are in the target group of the author of the recording. In this respect, podcasts distance entries on blogs, or even more so, where the share of random entries is quite large.
A podcast can only be played if you really want to listen to it. The risk that a person who is completely uninterested in the subject will be put on the recording is therefore low, if not non-existent. It’s a huge Verizona.
What can a podcast be about?
Practically about everything you know about. If you have a vehicle mechanics workshop, there is nothing to stop you from recording a podcast about the most frequent failures in modern diesel engines or methods of turbocharger resuscitation. Such content will certainly be of interest to many people, i.e. your potential customers.
The most important thing is not to get bored in the drumstick. You need to get straight to the point, use attractive vocabulary and examples, which will allow the audience to visualize the topic and force them to focus on the spoken message.
The key question: is this for you?
There is no reason to hide the fact that “playing” podcasts is a very good solution for people building a personal brand, creating themselves as experts. We can sincerely recommend this to entrepreneurs who have built their business solely on the basis of their competences (by the way, it is very risky).
Remember, however, that inventing and recording podcasts is not so easy. Not everyone is fit to be listened to. It is not about the tempo of the voice or acting diction, but about charisma in a broad sense. If you cannot perform in front of the listeners, if you are ashamed of the microphone, if you panic while reporting even a short text, then nothing is likely to come out of it.
The summary will be short: podcast as YES as much as possible, but only on condition that you have the idea, the time and the ability to speak so that others want to listen to you.