Page positioning is a complex, individual and multistage project. All its stages are spread over time, which results in high effectiveness of our actions. We have been positioning thousands of websites for many years, thanks to which we know exactly what elements influence the effective positioning of the service and how to optimize them in order for your company to achieve success.

Below we present the most important elements of the positioning process together with brief explanations. Find out what kind of actions we take to put your website on the first positions in Google search engine:


Based on the audit performed by the SEO maintainer and analysis of competition websites, our copywriters prepare content for your website adequately saturated with key phrases. They are one of the most important factors, thanks to which the service is respectively thematic and valuable for Google. Good content means not only higher positions in the Google search engine but also more useful information for Internet users influencing the professional image of your company.


This is the stage during which changes in the service, including the insertion of new texts, are introduced during the SEO audit. Optimization of the website for selected key phrases is a cyclical action, repeated if necessary at any time during the website positioning process. Thanks to the optimization prepared by our specialists, the position of your website in search engines will improve also for phrases not positioned by us – this is an additional effect of professional website positioning. Check: WolfBrothers SEO Agency


In order to reach as many potential customers as possible, your website should be in the highest possible positions for selected key phrases. We select the keywords so that they meet the expectations of Internet users looking for services or products offered by your company. Our consultant will analyze not only your website, but also your competitors – in order to select the best set of key phrases.


At the beginning of cooperation, your individual SEO supervisor conducts a thorough audit of the service. He analyzes the structure of the website, its content, compliance with the applicable requirements of Google algorithms and many other elements that have an impact on the position of the website in search engines. Thanks to this detailed analysis, the SEO Supervisor will be able to adopt an ideal positioning strategy for your website and plan their work on achieving high positions. SEO audit is an introduction to effective positioning of your website.