The coupons for June 2018 have not been made available, we are waiting for new parties.
Meanwhile, read the video on how to make a cashback
To start with, you can open an account at Supersavvyme by clicking here.
The coupons can only be printed from a PC or laptop from the phone is not possible.
When you press Get coupons takes you to the page with all the coupons that you can print only once a month from one account and you can have two accounts from one laptop (e.g. to your wife, husband, sister, brother, aunt…).
Before we start, please switch off the antivirus for 10-15 minutes (how to do it you have to do it yourself, because it is different depending on what you have). Why you have to disable the anti-virus – the voucher printing program is considered to be a virus is not it of course and once installed we can normally turn on the anti-virus and do a system scan. We need to install the program only once (each time it is optional again and depends on the number of accounts ? this level is already under our own responsibility ? )
Select the coupons you are interested in from the list of offers and add them to your shopping cart by clicking +Add after adding the coupon the basket will appear in the lower right part of the page. The number on the shopping cart indicates the number of coupons you have selected.
Clicking on the basket will open the first content of the basket, which you will see such information.
by pressing GOT IT you will see a list of coupons that you have selected
We have to move from Cashback to Print (it is very important) because we can’t print SAVE coupons because we won’t be able to print them we can only do cashback (money back to paypal after sending the receipt).
Once you have changed to PRINT at the bottom the text will change to PRINT COUPONS now assuming that you have already switched off the antivirus and the printer is connected to your laptop/pc press PRINT COUPONS and install the coupon printing software, after installation the coupons will start to print.
This is how the coupon is printed and cut out after interrupted lines. As you can see, it has our name, date to which it is valid, long barcode which is different for each coupon, name and value of coupon, user manual ? and small barcode which we scan/cashier scans in store.
Please note that we can use 1 voucher for 1 product.
Stores that accept coupons are Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Superdrug, Boots, Coop – but of course if the cashier is under-educated he can do problems and not accept coupons then we have the option to call a manager or leave everything at the checkout and try in another shop.
Ideally you should combine your voucher with the offer in the store and get the product for free or for a penny (as you did with Lenor in Tesco) before you go shopping it is best to check the price of the product in the price comparison mysupermarket here after entering the name of the product you will see the prices in the biggest supermarkets.
If by accident it would not be possible to print the coupon because we only have a phone, for example, there is a cashback option, shops where the cashback is accepted:
Check before shopping to avoid disappointment.
If something is not going well in one browser, it is worth seeing it in another. Chrome e.g. Internet explorer or fire fox or some other about which I have no idea but you probably have ?
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