Hi, today is the time for an informational post, namely it will be about the new releases funded by Phalanx Games. The release itself you probably associate with games such as Scythe, and Magnaci. Without prolonging it unnecessarily, we go to the heart of the matter. I would just like to add that the announcements, plans and news concern the rest of this year’s 2018.
Great entrance
We will start our announcements with the most current things in order to make you feel good. First of all, there was a great return of probably known majority of Scythe game, which with the addition went back on the shelves to the satisfaction of many fans. Secondly, the newly released Lords of Hellas game, which you probably waited for with longing, was also on the store shelves.
U-BOOT The Board Game is a complete novelty in the world of board games. The game belongs to the category of simulation games and is intended for 1 to 4 players. During the game, the mobile application is used. And all those who have quietly dreamt of playing the role of submarine sailors will have that chance. The game raised almost £700,000 on Kickstarter. And soon, in autumn 2018, thanks to the cooperation with the American studio Iron Wolf, headed by Artur Salwarowski and Bartosz Pluta, the game designers, the U-BOOT The Board Game will bid farewell to the world.
The latest add-on to Scythe
The third and last addition to Scythe, called Fenris, is just being made. It is likely that the supplement will be issued this year in November. So far, this is one of the biggest add-ons in the history of Scythe. It will bring a lot of excitement to the game and a lot of additional components and variants of the game.
Lincoln is also entering the game, it is a strategy game for only two people, based on a card system.
Lincoln’s mechanics allow you to “destroy” your own deck of cards, unlike the deck-building system used in many games, which allows you to show the dynamics of this armed conflict.
My Little Scythe
Another game is My Little Scythe, a beautiful game created by father and daughter, and perfect for people of all ages. It is a game of competition itself, and each player can control two characters. It will be played even by the youngest, from the age of 8. As the name suggests, this game is a hybrid of already known Scythe and My Little Pony.
It is a complex adventure, strategic and economic game for 1-4 people. This is a semi-coop (semi-operational) game, which means that only one player wins, but everyone can lose if we allow Cthulhu and his supporters to take control of Australia. Recently, the pre-order of this edition of the game, which could be purchased during the Kickstar campaign, has also started. You will find it here.
Nanty Narking
In the game we will play the roles of personalities of the Victorian era of London, known for their history, legends or literature, in order to fight for London. If you want to support the game, nothing stands in the way, because this year the campaign on Kickstarter is going to start.
Phalanx Games is preparing a lot of surprises for us in the near future. I suspect that not all the details have been betrayed, and will keep them in uncertainty until the very end. Each of you probably has his or her own favorite among these games, the one he or she is waiting for impatiently. Personally, because I am a fan of family, colorful, fairytale games, I look forward to the premiere of My Little Scythe. But we keep our fingers crossed for all our plans and congratulate you on the projects that have already been completed.