The best team we can achieve is when we return from the plot. It usually starts with the cooling of the children – both of them have something pulled out of their hands or are demanding a sandwich that does not exist (or that was eaten by the first child a moment earlier). What’s going on, we’re rolling up home? They start to fall asleep along the way. How does the situation get there? The husband who drives the car asks us (since they occupied us, we have been driving the car for a minute on a plot of land). The departure will take place in 4 minutes – I would like to inform you looking at the beaver, which is slowly flowing out. We get home, bring the bundles and now the action starts. Bathing, taking a splinter out of the youngest foot, during this time one of the four hands is cooking groats (milk-free for one hand, milk-free for the other), Mom, read me a fairy tale… No, dad can’t read me, only you can! Checking whether any (or all) of us have a tick, dressing I want a pyjamas with Elsa! And when it seems that they are going to sleep, the dream suddenly escapes somewhere, and they seem to have just been charged with new energy. So there is an inspection of drawers with spices, eating oat flakes straight from the jar. Aaaa, my legs are in pain,” I say. My husband tells me that he was also there and that they could finally go to sleep, because he would like to watch the series with me for a while. So I read the Medium-voice book aloud, but I think I’m feeling too much about the action, because instead of falling asleep, it’s getting more and more alive, and fifthly “Stina’s Years” I say basta, I won’t be able to do any more. Well, she says, puts herself on the pillow and falls asleep in flashing mode. During this time, the husband brings the youngest. Do you know how I slept her? She told me to comb. Hmn. Now the Elder is coming in: Mum, I’ve already told you that dolphins can name themselves?

So it’s a quiet common evening! We are watching “The crown”. Listen, although we will go to the kitchen, we will make these cucumbers from Baron’s book. You chop, I’ll flood it, we’ll get guilty quickly and finish the film? Well, good, he says. We make cucumbers and then whochi. You have to make two brines and chop the tops of the cabbage and the bubbles. And clean up. (I would have probably forgiven you, but my husband from Wielkopolska, so…) He comes first at night, but we bravely watch the series.
It’s Sunday, six o’clock in the morning, and I’m standing barefoot in the kitchen and pouring the cake into the bottom of the cake maker.
By the sea we were going to a tiny cafe, Swojska hut, where we could eat a piece of homemade cake. During our first visit to the website there was a big plate of apple pie, which looked exactly as it should look like, both home and real. I don’t like all the yeast from the booths on holiday, so I was longing for a decent piece of good cake and this apple pie was just what I needed. My children, who usually order something completely different from me, bury my forks in my dessert anyway. So I gave them my apple pie and I got a chocolate block after them.
We came back to the city and I decided to recreate that taste. There should have been more apples, but I only had one kilo at home. The next time I try to do it I will make one and a half times. If the bottom is baked, there is no risk of felling. She left delicious.