Catch the base? This series does not change, its fundamentals and assumptions are the same. Like “Call of Duty” or “Assassin’s Creed”. And even if we complain about them, because we have this complaint in nature, thanks to another, inflated on a large scale marketing machine, we will still buy another part with a bit better graphics. The producer will take his due harvest and in a year he will sow the same sauce, but in a different sauce. And players with more or less acidic faces will eat. So if you’re going to buy “Far Cry 5”, you’ll realise that you’ll still feel like “Hm, we’ve seen it somewhere…”.
But do you know what? Oxfate this impression. Do not close yourself in the stereotypical frames of malconontence, and I guarantee that you will have a great time.
Welcome to Hope County
The last two “Far Cry’e” were delighted with their graphics and details, so I can confidently say that it is even better here. This time we move to an American village, to the state of Montana, where there is a fictional, somewhat cut off from the world region of Hope County. Although I’ve never been to the U.S., that’s how I imagined them to be in the woods – lazy grazing cows, farmers wearing crazy pickup shirts, verandinas decorated with American flags, white churches, motorcyclists with leather jackets on their backs.
Focusing on pure exploration of the map (the largest of all parts), you can experience real pleasure and delight in the beauty of nature. Even if it is just a forest and a lake, you will immediately feel that you are in the States. We have three huge regions to visit, which differ mainly in their geographical location. One is typically mountainous, full of wild animals and dense forests, the other filled with river and surrounding villages, and the third offers stereotypical farmer’s cannabis. And each of them is undoubtedly beautiful.
Confess your sins
“Far Cry’s” are crazy opponents. Each time their motivation is different and they show us a completely different level of madness. This time, the leaders of a religious sect that terrorises the whole of Hope County must be confronted. Their leader, Joseph Seed, believes that he was chosen by God to save mankind from the end of the world. Rescue those who confess their sins and join in worship. A charismatic man, devoid of empathy and highly religious, does not avoid torturing and murdering those who disagree with his views.
Even for a moment I had no doubts that such a man would actually be willing to gather so many followers around him. This is still the case, all over the world. Sects manipulate people’s naivety, drag them into their traps and take away all common sense. The plot of the game, however, did not resist a few absurdities, which simply need to be swallowed.
Firstly, no one will tell me that, at a time when the entire region is ruled by a militarised madmen’s unit, a few people, barely armed, unit of the Sheriff’s office are being sent with an arrest warrant. That’s how the game history begins. The setting up of the action could not have been more ridiculous. As the deputy sheriff’s last resort, we escape with our lives and instead of calling on the army or other commandos to help us, we decide, with the help of the local population, to bounce back our colleagues and send the Seed family to prison.
The second, equally unreliable issue is the matter of Seed’s extraordinary kindness towards us. We will repeatedly fall into his trap, and he will deal with us cities once and for all sleep will still naively believe, however, that we will join him. The first time it would have happened, but after one in a row… You understand it yourself, it started to be embarrassing and took the antagonist seriously.
But “Far Cry 5” is not a documentary but a game. And even if she tries to be ambitious and mature (she generally does), she has to make some compromises in order to please the players. If the Edeniars had smashed the army unit right away, well, we wouldn’t have had anything to do here.
And it is completely different.
Grid, in particular
“Far Cry 5” is a game with an open world, which is filled with various activities. Apart from performing the main missions connected with the arrival and extermination of the enemy unit, we also have a number of more or less crazy side missions, often ridiculing the American culture – searching for traces of UFOs, dealing with the nebulous elk, collecting vinyli, etc. As befits this series, we will also bounce back the posts, hunt for animals, catch fish, destroy objects of worship and look for treasures.
There will also be crazy time trial races, whether in the form of quad rides or piloting an airplane. The coolest thing about it all is that for the first time we can do all these things in the company of our friends, on the web. It doesn’t matter if it is a main or side mission, each task can be done by two or more people. However, two things are worth emphasising, first of all, that I am