One of the biggest advantages of going on holiday with a travel agency is the gwaracja opieki rezydenta (guardianship of a resident). It is an employee of the office whose duty it is to help tourists at their place of rest. However, not everyone knows what is worthwhile, and even should address the resident directly. We explain everything in this guide. Read carefully, especially if you are planning your first holiday with a travel agency.
Changing peace
If it turns out when you arrive at the hotel that the room does not meet your expectations or its equipment does not meet your order and description of the offer, do not arrange it on your own with the staff. Contact the resident straight away – you can find the direct telephone number in the welcome envelope from the office or you can get it at the hotel reception. The resident will look into the matter and, if you are right, changing the peace should not be a big problem.
Mediation with the hotel
Any disputes arising between guests and hotels should be resolved through the resident. An office worker certainly knows the service of the building or even its owner. She may also be able to communicate in the local language. Besides, he has experience in this type of situations, so it will not be a challenge for him to settle the matter. You have the right to turn to a resident with every little detail, for example insufficient cleanliness in the room, poor food or low level of animation.
If during your holiday you notice the disappearance of money, a valuable item, or a robbery, you never have to solve the problem yourself. This is the task of the resident. The office worker must explain the situation, and it will be his duty to inform the police and go to the police station with you.
Cruise offer
Each travel agency offers its customers a wide range of optional tours. You can buy them directly from a resident – it is usually required to inform about your intentions at least 24 hours before the day of the trip. The Resident will accept payment from you and will give you detailed information about the time of departure or the things you need to take.
However, it should be noted that residents are generally very familiar with the country in which they work. So you can openly ask an office employee which trip they are actually recommending and which one they are better prepared to take.
If you are ill (or have a family member) during your holiday, please inform your travel agent as soon as possible. He or she will tell you what to do in this situation. Every tourist going on holiday with the office is guaranteed a basic insurance, which also covers the costs of treatment abroad. You will be given a number by the resident to the insurer, they will help you arrange transport to the designated medical facility and they will go there with you to see all the paperwork.
As you can see, the scope of duties of a resident is very wide. You are fully entitled to use this. After all, the care of the resident was already included in the price of the trip.