As a person selling on the Internet, I have to do with idiots more than once. A strong word for a certain type of clients, but it is hard to find another epithet describing the behavior of Grażyna and Janusz business and trying to save by very demanding people.
Of course, this is a one-off shot, because such people are immediately put on the blacklist and we never sell them any more. I remember once having such a gag on eBayu. Muhammad (seriously, that’s his name – Muslims are cholently claiming customers) bought from me a set of bulbs and issued a negation. Then he demanded a cash refund because the bulbs didn’t fit his car, so I asked him to return the bulbs. I never received the bulbs back and I returned the money to him hoping that he would remove the negatives (my loss was GBP 6.99). Of course the negative was not removed, but I added the guest to the black list on eBayu.
Not a month passed when a guest wrote to me why he can not buy goods at my auctions. I told him that the previous time he didn’t return the purchased goods, he demanded a return of cash and after receiving it he didn’t withdraw the negatives. The case ended with a weirdo challenge (“bitch!”). By the way, did you know that eBay monitors correspondence on the portal? Mainly in order not to trade after the portal. It’s interesting to see what this is all about. In any case, eBay did not react, even when I had previously reported the guest to the support and sent all the documentation and correspondence. I’ve never recovered the money, it’s hard to lose it. Please be aware of this when selling online.
The seller is always in a lost position in the battle against the customer.
Unfortunately, the law and the ethics of online business are constructed in such a way that the seller almost always accepts a return from the customer. Does that mean you have to be a duplex like Muhammad? Well, that is not the case. If you do not want to be on the blacklist of sellers and sellers talk to each other and share such information, then follow a few rules:
Do not buy a product with the thought that you will return it – you don’t even know what a scourge this type of behaviour is. Most often it concerns clothes, when an enterprising Janusz buys a suit for a wedding and immediately afterwards, still with a deep hangover, he returns to the shop and returns the goods. You may be famous in the village for your cleverness, but your karma will return to you and you will cry. This also applies to shoes bought online and even board games, when more creative snowmen buy, play and return the game. In every bigger city there are organizations that play – you want to play something, go there and play.
Return without giving any reason? You pay – In addition to the fact that some customers suffer from exceptional brain deficiencies, they even lack the knowledge of the applicable law. If you return the goods without giving any reason, you will have to pay for the return. End of dot. Another matter if the goods come to you damaged. But don’t think that if you damage the goods yourself, you have a chance that you will be able to return the goods.
You don’t want to pay for the shipment, so you’ll damage the goods? You can pay a penalty – such behaviour is fraud and there is a paragraph for it. The same applies to the moment when you claim not to have received the goods, but in fact you have them and are counting on the second item. Sellers, especially after experience with such Janusz, protect themselves against fraud on the part of customers. They can do this in different ways, for example by carrying out monitoring at the product packaging centre. If you say that you have not received enough products and the seller has it in his video, he may go to the police with it and you will probably get a fine for trying to extort it. Was it worth it?
Contact us before returning the goods – you know how often a situation occurs when a gag sends back a product and does not even send an e-mail stating why it is returned? There is, of course, no return form, no return card or even no guest number inside. From that moment on, the seller sits down and wonders where such fools are born. Then, of course, the phone pretended not to have received a cash refund. Standard.
You cannot return everything – some products, especially those made according to customer specifications, are not refundable. They are made to order according to special parameters sent by the customer and if the seller receives them from the return, then there will be nothing to do with them and there is little chance that they will sell it profitably.
What can be done to ensure that both sides are satisfied?
Remember that you as a customer are also subject to evaluation. Especially large chains can profile your behaviour and simply refuse to sell in the future. Remember that the seller will try to sell the returned goods further, so make sure that they are well packed and secured. Throwing the computer mouse into the bag in bulk and sticking the labels is a bad idea and the seller may refuse to accept the goods (and he will be right).
If you are not able to use a courier, call the company and ask them if they can send you their pirates.