Quite recently I told you about Jojo Mojes’ book “My Heart in Two Worlds. After I had finished reading it, I was looking for a story that would draw me equally hard. Although I can’t complain about the excess of free time, I’ll always find a moment for a good book. I was looking for a similar position to Mojes and that’s how I got to Isaac Catherine – French Summer, released by Znak Publishing House.
What is this story about? It is a story of a girl named Jessica, who at one point comes to the conclusion that she can no longer bear the immature behavior of her boyfriend Adam. When their son is born, he decides to part with his partner. Ten years later, however, she learns that she may not have much left to live on, and that her son’s only caretaker would be Adam, whom she threw out forever from her heart. Jessica decides to go on holiday to France, where Adam runs a hotel. This leave is supposed to be a unique opportunity to rebuild his relationship with the child. Will this trip change her life and make Jess even happier?
Isaac Catherine – French Summer
I have made two approaches to the book. At first I read the first chapter and forgot to take her on holiday. That’s what happens when I pack myself in a hurry. I reached for her a second time as soon as I went home. History has drawn me a lot. I wanted to know its end as soon as possible. It is a beautiful novel with a moving story. The book is full of emotions, difficulties connected with parenthood and problems in relationships. It is interwoven with hope, warmth and a feeling that love always finds its way.
In conclusion
French Summer is a very optimistic and hopeful look at every difficulty that can appear in life. A beautiful story about how to live a moment and how to make the most of every day. The book is easy to read and quick to read. The whole is written in a simple language that makes it possible to absorb the book literally at once. If time allows, of course.
The book will have its premiere on July 18, 2018 and you can order it from the Znak Publishing House.