People who decide to start their adventure with running usually do it because of the desire to pop up the appearance of their body, or to improve the work of their heart, lungs and cardiovascular system.
The great news is that whether you start jogging for health reasons or for the appearance of your body, the training will look the same. So if you care about losing unnecessary fat, you will get health as a gift and vice versa. But that’s not the end of the story! You will discover more of the benefits of watching this video.
Running is an aerobic form of physical activity, just like swimming, cycling or dancing. The respiratory system cooperates with the circulatory system in this type of exercise. After the body has become accustomed to the cooperation of these two systems, when the effort will be greater oxygen in the blood will start to be better assimilated by all the cells of the body. Then the heart will also be stronger and beat slower and stronger – it can work lighter and achieve the same or even better results. This is one of the reasons why running can prolong your life by up to 10 years.
Burning fat by running is another very important advantage. Not only in terms of appearance, but also for health reasons. Especially the one that is deposited in the abdomen area is very harmful, because it “blends” the internal organs, which makes their functioning much weaker.
It cannot be denied that folds under a T-shirt or a dress are not too appetising. At least for most men and women – and I think this is good, because it is to be afraid to start losing weight and thus improving your health (if you do it in a reasonable way).
So how to run in order to be healthier and more beautiful?
Running is not complicated, but you have to remember a few things not to damage your knees, not to get injured and actually burn unwanted fat.
One of the most important things is running shoes because they will protect your knees from shocks and help you avoid injuries. These must be special boots. Best of all, ask your dealer for advice in the sports shop – if he asks you what kind of ground you are going to use to run short, medium or long distances, what your level of advancement is, he will be familiar with and most likely help you choose the right boot.
A sports bra is the second and last thing you need to run as a woman. Without keeping your bust in place during training, breast deformation can occur.
The floor you are running on
The softer it is, the better for your knees. Try to run on sand, grass, gravel.
Keep the runner straight and slightly inclined forwards.
If you are running a sprint, a short intense distance, you should land on your midfoot so that the contact between your foot and bed is as short as possible. When white slower, it will be natural for the foot to come into contact with the ground from the heel to the midfoot.
Do not be stiff. Your attitude must be relaxed and natural. I mean here shoulders, hands, the whole body in general.
Pair straight ahead or slightly down. Do not tear your nose! ?
Work with your hands alternately to your legs, just like when walking, but more strongly. But also without exaggeration. When you move your hand backwards, let it reach no further than your hips. This will make you dynamic and more muscular to work with. In order to strengthen this effect I always run with weights on my wrists. Then, after the race, he feels like after a good series of stomachs. I recommend half a kilo for one hand, regardless of your level of advancement. You can find good weights here, for example.
Let it be even. Inspire with your nose, exhale with your mouth. First of all, when it’s cooler outside, this protects your throat.
Time, speed and distance
Run slowly. In order to improve your health and burn fat you do not have to fly like a madwoman ? (I don’t say it is very pleasant). The pace will be right if you feel comfortable while running and are able to talk to someone.
The best way to stay healthy is to run 50-160 minutes a week. And for fat burning the gear should not be shorter than 30-40 min. So 3x cross-country training in a crucible after 30 – 40 minutes seems to be the best option. Run every other day so that there is one day between training days to renege your muscles.
But don’t be afraid of that time. It doesn’t have to be a continuous run. If you are not able to get through so much time, go to the march, and when you are back in power, go back to the gear.
Before and after running
It is important not to be injured. I am talking about this here (from 9:05 a.m.).
In order for running to have the desired effect, you need to repeat it regularly. This is best done as you become accustomed to it and you will continue to do so throughout your life. However, you will begin to notice the first effects in your look after just a month of honest, regular 3x training per week.
Always keep in mind all the above rules. I keep my fingers crossed for you! ?