Recently Google sent me a reminder with a photo from the album that 4 years have passed since we moved. We remembered how few things we had at home at that time. Over these 4 years, however, we have collected a lot of unnecessary items. The decision was made – we made a general order and put unnecessary things on sale. The idea seemed great, but there was a small problem with sending the parcels.
I first checked the price list on the post office page and then went to the nearest post office to send the first few items. At the post office a few people were waiting in line in front of me. Only one of the 4 windows available at the post office was operational. However, I said that it should not take much time to issue a few letters of advice that people were holding in their hands together with the documents that had been prepared. It turned out, however, that I was very wrong, and I managed to get to the window more than an hour after entering the post office. I put 3 packages on the roadside and gave you the filled in postcards. On the spot it turned out that the price for sending the package is slightly higher than I checked on the website. I sent the parcels and, dusty about the amount of lost time, I went back home. Unfortunately, the next items sold out at that time and I didn’t want to go to the post office anymore. Together with our partner we decided to look for an alternative.
How fast and inexpensive is it to ship a package?
Until now, I thought that courier services are profitable only for people who run a business. It seemed to me that the price list for private individuals was a bit overpriced and that it should be much cheaper to send a parcel by post. We read a bit on the Internet and that’s how we got to the website.
This is a service where we can register free of charge and use the option of sending courier parcels. It combines the offers of as many as 10 popular courier companies, such as UPS or Fedex. It allows you to send urban, national and international shipments. There you have automatic access to track your shipments.
I give a great Verizon for a very clear price list, which allows you to compare the offers of courier companies and choose the one that will be the most advantageous for us. In addition, sending a shipment takes just a moment. The courier will come and pick up the parcel from us. There is also an option for people who are at work during the working hours of couriers. You can leave the package at one of the shipping points.
In conclusion
Now I will only use the services of this service. I like to know right away how much a given service will cost me and I can’t take the time off.
Let’s know if you knew the service, and if not, how did you send the packages so far?