You get up and have half a pillow reflected on your face. The older you are, the slower your skin “irons”. And now the most important thing is: what to do with this phantom?
Dream is the best cosmetic and there is no doubt about that. However, it turns out that it has a negative impact on our beauty. I can already see your surprised eyes. Well, dream is health, dream is beauty. Yes, yes. But on the side where you drink more often, you have less hair (this was revealed to me by the hairdresser!), and for 6-8 hours of an inappropriate position we can earn ourselves some kind of wrinkles.
These can be – usually vertical – “lines” on the cheek, near the eye or on the décolletage (“brassy” ladies have here uphill).
You can recognize them by the fact that they are particularly visible in the morning. During the day, the skin “irons”, but as you reach a certain age, it becomes more durable.
They usually appear in those people who like to sleep on their belly or on their side, i.e. in the majority of cases. The alarm signal is the longer time it takes the skin to “straighten up” in the snow. How to deal with this?
– Since then, there are various treatments that support the production of collagen, elastin… You can perform the Apollo treatment, a fraction laser helps, or thermolifting – says my beautician. – Dermapen works very well [the principle of action is similar to mesotherapy].
However, each of these treatments is a one-time cost from 200USD upwards. What can we do on an ad hoc basis?
Quite obviously, it is water, water and, once again, water. Dehydrated skin has more difficulty regenerating during the night.
In the evening, let’s take care of a thorough disassembly and a strongly moisturizing cream. Creams do not have to be greasy, their moisturizing effect is important. Particularly helpful are cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, which in a moment can be contained in a serum or cream.
HYDRAGENIST LIERAC FUEEL (and what is a viscoelastic polymer and other viscoelastic substances?)
This is probably the first such cosmetic – aimed at helping the skin to “stretch out” after a night’s sleep. When do we use it? After washing the skin in the morning, simply spray. The lazy wait until they are absorbed (and absorbed instantly), the more active can apply the skin massage available for Contains a mysterious-sounding viscoelastic polymer with shape memory (smelled with secret knowledge; tested: viscoelastic polymer is an ingredient with viscous-elastic properties). Hyaluronic acid and collagen are also viscoelastics. These are substances which arouse our skin and give the impression of hydration.
It sounds attractive – the mist is suitable even for oily skins, does not leave a sticky layer, it can be a supplement to the cream, which we consider not to be rehydrating enough. I found another application for her: when I had the impression that my Double Wear was “pulling” a little too much, I sprayed the already painted face with the mist. The feeling of being pulled off passes.
Available in 100 ml (sufficient for approx. 3 months of use) and 30 ml.
Price: USD 126 and USD 34, respectively