Artur Domain (probably the appearance will change a bit; -)
Probably every photographer, but not only because every artist, such as the photographer, painter, draughtsman, etc. wants to show himself in the best possible way on the Internet and have a professional portfolio… I have been working on many options for many years, both free and paid… Today I would like to present you with an iportfolio, a platform where we will present our works, but we will also create an interesting business card of our activity.I accidentally entered the portfolio in 2007 looking for something to set up a website, which enchanted me ?Simplicity of use, interesting templates, the possibility of connecting my own domain, and a little price which then amounted to 120 PLN for lack of such options as contact form, and the possibility in a cool way and above all, a clear way to show/present the wedding offer simply photographic.For many years users have been describing their problems but also their needs and I noticed that the owners do not do anything about it and even in recent years they have raised the price to 150 PLN… For a few years, somewhere about 2 years now the owners have been writing that they are not starting long with a new version of their portfolio but they are just promises…until this year, when the subscription period ended, I just didn’t extend this option and I created this blog, and I did everything to just pay for the domain…until one day I clicked curiously on my old domain from the iportfolio, an error appeared and noticed a completely new page view/graphic design etcHow is it? for me better, clearer, even better presentation in my case of photography, more interesting templates, and personalisation such as fonts, font size, finally you can assemble the so-called tab e.g. price list/offer where everything has hands and legs, as you can previously photo in the background, music in the background and as I noticed probably there is a possibility to set a few music backgrounds e.g. for portrait photos different music and for wedding, another price list more extensive and quite interesting…In my opinion it works great and you can create a big money website for it in case of competition it is quite interesting to price, as in any other website usually so and here is the possibility to test the full version (Premium Portfolio) by 14 for free and then jump on the Basic,I am curious how it will look like because in the previous edition it looks like with photographs and gives the simplest template with it looked uninteresting, at this moment despite the fact that I have full versions after testing but still I will leave it as if it should be in the option Basic that is 10 photos/3 bookmark.I think I can recommend it because if it works as it does now it’s really OK. It looks really nice and professional and we’re talking about it 😉