Rotary sprinklers, also known as turbine sprinklers, are ideal for smaller gardens as well as for large objects. They are often used to irrigate lawns in home gardens, in urban and commercial areas and on sports facilities (football fields, tennis courts, etc.). Why is it worthwhile to take an interest in these small, but very effective, elements of your irrigation system? Rotary sprinkler irrigation systems operate reliably for many years, and their parameters allow for liquid coverage of a large area with minimal water consumption.
Why do we use rotary distributors?
Until recently, static sprinklers were used in areas with small areas. The standard sprinklers were not suitable for small areas.
The solution to this problem was the introduction of the HUNTER SRM series of sprinklers, which can work with other rotary sprinklers without the need to install additional valves. Why is this so important? Previously, larger rotary distributors were difficult to use in areas with smaller and larger areas. We had to divide the irrigated area into uncomfortable sectors adapted to the capacity of traditional sprinklers. The water consumption was far too high and the whole system required additional valves. What changes the introduction of SRM series sprinklers?
Small sprinkler, great possibilities – user data
The SRM rotary sprinkler model has infinitely variable range control. This allows the sprinkler to be adapted to the terrain. The SRM series sprinklers are supplied with a set of 6 nozzles, which significantly increases their use. The design of the nozzle allows for easy and quick replacement depending on the needs of the user.
Overall height: 18 cm
Popular part: 10 cm
Outer diameter: 3 cm
Input size: ½”
Model: 10 cm
Angle setting: 40° to 360°
Nozzles available: 6
Nozzle types: 0.50 to 3.0
Standard nozzle installed at the factory: 3,0
Top nozzle adjustment for nozzle range
QuickCheck™ Range Control Mechanism
Drive with water-based lubrication
Radius: 4,0 to 9,4 m
Flow rate: 0.08 to 0.82 m3/h; 1.4 to 13.7 l/min.
Recommended pressure range: 1,7 to 3,8 bar
Working pressure range: 1,4 to 7,0 bar
Precipitation: approx. 11 mm/hour
Nozzle trajectory: approx. 15°.
Looking for the perfect way to water your lawn at home? Are you an irrigator for sports facilities? Make sure you check the capabilities of our rotary distributors. Visit the store or contact us for the installation of professional irrigation systems.