As part of our climb2change climbing academy, we are launching a series of live VIA FERRATA meetings. The program will be broadcast on FACEBOOK and climb2change INSTAGRAM twice a month. Each time we meet, we will discuss topics related to climbing and mountains. Live will be FREE.
We start with the VIA FERRATY cycle. We will discuss the topics:
1. are via ferrata for everyone?
What are via ferrata?
Can everyone walk on via ferrata?
What difficulties will you encounter with via ferrata?
2. via ferrata equipment – what do you need to have when you go on an insured hiking tour?
Gloves, shoes, clothing
Threats with via ferrata – use your imagination before you set off for the mountains
Lack of imagination during mountain trips
Other participants of the expedition
How do I dress?
Lack of skills and their overestimation
Track accident
Why do you need a first aid kit?
4. autoratownicto – do you have to know how to save others on via ferrata?
What is authorship?
Why should you be able to save others?
Why should you join live VIA FERRATA?
Live meetings will be FREE. We want as many people as possible to be able to avoid mistakes and ensure a safe start to their adventure with via ferrata and, in particular, safe return from difficult mountain hikes and climbing.
The most important thing in the mountains is to be SAFETY, and that is what we teach at our training courses. That is why we will also discuss the risks associated with via ferrata during the live event. If you dream of more difficult trails, be prepared for what the high mountains carry.
Whether you are going to walk alone (which is not recommended) or have a partner you want to walk with via ferrata, you should have basic knowledge of.
The events will be broadcast on FB and Instagram. JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT BY CLICKING ON IT.
The first live will be on 06.02.2018 at 20:00. To stay up to date and not miss a single live, sign up for the list. Since the dates of the next meetings are not fixed yet, you can be sure that you will not miss any of the meetings by signing up for the list. Those who are on the list will also receive a bonus:
Presentation of the meeting PDF
Access to our group at FB
Access to additional material
EDIT: Summaries of VIA FERRATA live meetings so far:
What are these via ferrata? What are the difficulties on via ferrata?
Scale of difficulties on via ferrata.
What equipment should I take with me via ferrtay?
Read also: Descriptions of the five via ferrata
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