We know how much women love to buy shoes. Dozens of pairs fall out of their wardrobes. White, pink, flat, heeled. In the case of men’s wardrobes, however, the situation is completely different. For example, I bet on 3-4 good pairs of shoes, which allow me to walk the whole year and jump all the events.
Winter boots, elegant slippers, a pair of sportswear and a model to wear every day. It is a set that will suffice without any problems for the whole year. I also try to plan the purchase of my shoes in good time so as not to overpay them unnecessarily. Currently, winter shoes can be bought up to 50% cheaper than in autumn. That’s why I decided to buy shoes that will serve me only in a few months.
Where to buy shoes?
So far I have bought all the shoes in stationary shops. However, for the sake of saving time and greater availability of winter shoes in online shops, I decided to buy online. I know my size well so after visiting the Footway shop I immediately chose men’s models and my size. Thanks to this, the shop was able to filter out all available shoe models that would suit me. This saves a lot of time. Nothing is more annoying than browsing the store, choosing a product, and then disappointing that our size is not available.
How does the shop work?
The Footway shop was found to be based in Sweden. However, this in no way affected the order processing time. Shoes ordered on Monday reached me the next day. This surprised me positively, because I often wait a few days for parcels sent from the USA. Footway offers many well-known brands, such as Converse, Nike, Vans and Mustang.
Leather Cossacks Mustang
Looking through the entire store offer, I liked these shoes the most. The brown colour fits practically everything and works well in winter. Salt residue is less visible on the brown leather than on black shoes. The size fits perfectly and the boots are very comfortable. Unfortunately, for now they have to go to the wardrobe and wait for their season.
The store has very good prices, and I additionally got an additional 20% discount. The shipment was express. Shoes from Sweden reached me faster than not a single shipment from the USA. The use and selection on the website was very simple and the shop did not require me to register a new account. I’m very happy with the shopping and I’ll order more shoes soon.
The entry was made in cooperation with the Footway store. However, this did not affect my assessment. I will buy shoes there more than once.