A long May weekend is approaching to spend some time with your family, it is worthwhile to organize a joint trip with your friends. First of all, you need to think about where to drive, book accommodation, plan the route and, most of all, check your car. It is worth changing your tyres and fitting summer tyres now.
Long distances require preparation not only in terms of content, but also in terms of practicality. Our car must also be prepared for such trips. Well, you need to check the level of oil, washer fluid and all the bulbs are burning, ask someone for help because the stop light you are not able to check for yourselves. Nevertheless, we very often forget to check the tyres.
When the night-time temperature is 4-5 degrees above zero for 1-2 weeks, replace the winter tyres with summer tyres. In addition, make sure that your tyres do not need to be replaced by a new one:
When summer tires are punctured and the air is coming out of them, consult a specialist or replace the tire with a new one,
When the tyre wear indicator is 1,6 mm, in accordance with the provisions of the Traffic Code,
When you see signs of aging on your tyres, manufacturers will not tell you straight after what period they need to be replaced, but tyre wear is primarily affected by weather conditions, speed, storage conditions and inflation pressure,
If the tyre is damaged, scratches, nails or other objects must be removed.
If any of the disadvantages mentioned above are that your tyres may be worth looking for on the Ebay website for new tyres, just select the right tyre model, bolt spacing, tyre width, profile, seat diameter and speed rating and order the tyres straight to your home. Prices are different because you can buy the whole set or only two pieces.
How do I change my tyres?
The deadline for changing tyres to summer is approaching and you can replace your tyres yourself with a queue vulcaniser by following a few tips: