When I first saw thermal water in a bottle in the shop, I thought to myself: “Pay 30-50USDs for 150ml of ordinary water just because it was poured over an elegant bottle and has a beautiful French sounding name? No exaggeration! At that time, however, I had little idea of the sources of thermal water, its properties and possible applications. Today I have a completely different position on this issue and I really appreciate the product, which is thermal water. I know, however, that although thermal water is the basis of my daily facial care for me, there are also people who consider it unnecessary as a gadget on the shelf with cosmetics. So, in what way is spray thermal water better than ordinary water?
Thermal water – properties and applications
I decided to buy thermal water for the first time a few years ago – I was just before my holiday and was looking for some kind of cosmetics to soothe possible burns after sunbathing. Since La Roche-Posay thermal water was just a promotion, I decided that I would take the risk and test it during the summer holidays. Previously, I read a lot about the soothing and soothing properties of thermal water, which has a very good effect on the condition of skin exposed to the adverse effects of sunlight. As a result, thermal water accompanied me at every stage of my tanning process: I sprayed my face with it both before sunbathing, to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin, and after sun exposure, to soothe redness and sun irritation. Storing it in a fridge allowed for instant refreshment and cooling of the face and body during hot days. I knew it would be my holiday must have from now on. Only after some time did its wonderful properties prove to be very useful in other situations as well.
Thermal water is not some kind of “tap water”.
I have to admit that after returning from my holiday, thermal water was pouring over the house for a long time practically untouched. Somehow I had no idea how to use it after my leave, so I did not use it at all. But until now. After the hot summer season, there came a cold winter, during which my skin changed a lot – it became irritated, red and oveny, and this feeling intensified after going out to frost and entering a warm room, as well as after washing my face with ordinary tap water. At that time I remembered thermal water closed in a drawer, which helped me a lot at that time and finally became the basis of my daily facial care.
Today, face water in aerosol is mainly used for morning skin cleansing – unlike tap water, after which my skin was dry, tight and oveny, thermal spray water has the effect of perfectly refreshed, moisturized, soothed, soft and pleasant to the touch face skin. Many people also use thermal water to extend the shelf life of their make-up – I haven’t noticed this effect, frankly, but when it comes to soothing irritations of different origins, it’s irreplaceable to me.
Thermal water Vichy and La Roche-Posay
So far I have had the opportunity to test two types of thermal waters of popular brands – Vichy and La Roche-Posay. Due to the effect and composition, I personally liked the water more than La Roche-Posay – the effect of soothing the skin in this case was a bit more noticeable. On the other hand, the Vichy product had a much better atomizer – when swallowed, water was spreading over the entire face like a sea breeze ? If it could combine these two features, it would be possible to create ideal water. I think that Avene thermal water may also be an interesting product, but somehow I can never find it in the promotion. However, I do not intend to convince you to buy thermal water of a specific brand – products of different brands differ in composition (mineral salts and oligoelements), so it is worth to test them and choose the product best suited to the individual needs of our skin.
What are your experiences with thermal water?
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