Summer is a great time to read! Thanks to the holiday we have time to relax with a book, whether in bed or on the beach, and it is worth to use these circumstances for reading. A sea of fantastic titles awaits me, so as part of my motivation to spend time in a valuable way, I have created a list of 12 books to read in the summer. Maybe you will also be inspired to spend a few moments with a book, for example, during a holiday trip or a weekend on a plot?
What is TBR?
I became involved in watching the “booktube” (a YouTube community focused on books and reading, such as the P42 channel I love) and following book blogs, thanks to which I got to know a few “industry” slogans. TBR is simply #toberead, a list of books to read in the near future. Apparently clear and obvious, but few people explain such abbreviations within a community, and if one comes from outside, one does not know at first what is going on. And it’s worth knowing, because now you can use this password to search for content or as a hashtag at the Instagram ? Well, now I’ll present my TBR to you for the summer!
The best books for the summer of 2018
I’m curious if your reading choices change with the season? It is said that the best ones for the summer are addictive crime stories or hot romance. This is certainly the time to read more travel or language books. For me, however, the season does not matter, and although I have my beloved literary genre (who knew what without looking below?), I love diversity most of all. That’s why I started my list by writing out different book categories I liked and I tried to add at least one title to each of them.
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My favourite type of novel! I love both classic fantasy with magic and dragons as well as science fiction. And I have so many books to read here that choosing only one title to the list seems impossible! That is why I added two ?
At the beginning of the classic, means Ray Bradbury “451 Fahrenheita”. The novel has been on my TBR list for a long time, but the premiere of the series successfully motivated me to put this book on the priority list. The next fantastic book I want to go for this summer is “3” by Jarosław Grzędowicz. I recently finished reading “Mr. Garden of Ice” and I am so delighted and in love that I just had to reach for another work by Grzędowicz! In addition, “3” received an award for “2017 books in the science fiction category” on the website We like to read, which increases my curiosity about this title.
I also added to my fantasy the slogan “continuation of the series”. Within this genre, most novels are written as part of a series, which often spreads out my reading over years. Recently, the fourth volume of Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk’s “Papal Flower” series, entitled “Solstice,” was published. Last year I read the three previous parts, the time for the last one and the closing of the story of Whisper. I’m curious about the final!
Most books of this type are such readers, modern harlequins, so I classify them into the shameful category of “guilty pleasure”. But from time to time I’m tempted, maybe I’ll find something interesting? I always have a nice time and rest at such a reading, it is nice to be excited at times with the heart dilemmas of the protagonists of the novel. Theoretically, I could add the above mentioned “Whisper” to this category, but I also wanted to reach for another, very popular novel. I am thinking of Magda Witkiewicz’s book Cherry always has to be two. This novel is recommended by my familiar bloggers and has also been awarded the “Romance” category of the book of the year on the website We Like Reading for 2017.
Who believes that crime stories are the best kind of novel to read in the summer? Exciting and captivating, they allow you to break away from reality and rest. Last year I read a series about Cormoran Strike – I liked it very much, I’m looking forward to continuing! This year I want to try out a novel by Remigiusz Mróz or Katarzyna Bonda. Such popular authors, and I haven’t read any of their books yet! I think I’ll start with “The Behaviourist”, one of the most famous novels by Mroza, which is a good starting point for getting to know his works. We will see if I like ?
Literature of beauty
I always try to find the time for classicism! Not so long ago I made up for a few novels by Jane Austen (OMG that are great), now I have on the list the Nobel Prize winner’s novel 2017 (Kazuo Ishiguro “Fragments of the Day”), but I also wondered about “Anna Karenina”. Finally, Ignacy Karpowicz chose “Sonia”. I borrowed this book in paper form in winter and it’s so lying and waiting, it’s time to read it! Especially that every now and then someone praises her and recommends her.
Young adult and youth novels
Young adult, i.e. a novel that is no longer typical of youth, but not yet for adults. I like to read books from this book from time to time.