A movie about the fate of young Voldemort has just been uploaded to the web (you can find a link at the end of the article) and we have prepared a list full of supranational gadgets from this universe for you. If, like us, you are still waiting for a letter to Hogwarts, put the box down for the best gadgets from the `Harry Potter` series.
#1 Cluedo: Harry Potter
To begin with, something for fans of not only Harry Potter, but also board games. Cluedo is one of the detective classicists in whom we have to discover the mystery of the disappearance of one of the friends of the most famous wizard. Unlike the traditional Cluedo version, this edition includes a new mechanics – a wheel that affects the movement of the board and a Fiuu powder that allows players to teleport from place to place.
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#2 Harry Potter – colouring for adults
Harry Potter is a series full of magical places and creatures, and each of them presented on the pages of these unusual colors until you ask to give it a color. So if you feel the soul of an artist, or simply want to immerse yourself in this world with a crayon in your hand, do not hesitate even a second longer. Super pleasant relaxation. If you follow our Instagram, you know that we love to color.
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A wand of Harry Potter and other heroes.
A magic wand is an inseparable attribute of every wizard. The replicas you will find on these pages are impressive. Do you need a cosplay pro, or have you always dreamt of holding the most powerful wand in your hand? Here everyone will find something for themselves.
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#4 Harry Potter’s luminous wand
If the aforementioned replicas are not enough and you want more, you may be interested in a wand whose tip shines! Just swipe it through the air and the mounted LED will glow to imitate the spell.
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#5 Harry Potter Light Hogwarts Coat of Arms
Certified product from Harry Potter’s world. A lamp in the form of a coat of arms of the School of Magic and Wizard giving a pleasant, white light. The illuminated part consists of individual coats of arms of all houses in Hogwarts, and the motto of the school: “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus” – what in Latin means “Never irritate a sleeping dragon”. Every time you turn it on you will feel closer to Hogwarts.
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#6 Harry Potter posters
Posters are never too many, especially if they show what we love. You will find here many beautiful gems, from film posters, through posters with heroes, coats of arms of houses, or various variations of spells.
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#7 Magical map of Hunters – Harry Potter
Magical map of Hogwarts created by four wizards: James Potter, Syriusz Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. It covered all the details of the castle, such as secret passageways, spells needed to open them, or residents, and the areas adjacent to the walls of Hogwarts. Thanks to it, it was possible to follow everyone moving around the magical castle. Such a replica will be beautifully presented in the Niemugol Salon.
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#8 Socks – Harry Potter
If you like to express yourself through your outfit, these socks will be perfect. The set includes 4 pairs of socks, each in colors and with the coat of arms of one of the four houses of Hogwarts.
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#9 Funko POP figures from the Harry Potter series
Every fan will be happy with such a figure. Fanko POP figures are small, so they can easily stand on the shelf or proudly decorate their desk. We ourselves have a few pieces from other series at home and we are delighted with them.
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#10 Textbooks from Hogwarts
Being a true fan of the series, you can’t pass by indifferently such a finding. Here are three books by J.K. Rowling introducing you even deeper into the world of wizards and mussels. Discover the beautiful “Bard Beedle’s Fables”, immerse yourself in the lexicon of “Fantastic Animals” describing previously unknown creatures and reach for “Quidditch through the ages”. The books are full of curiosities interwoven with illustrations by Tomislav Tomić.
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