What to buy a toddler when he is only a few months old? What interesting toy to surprise a one or two year old child with? These questions are asked every day by many parents of toddlers who love to play with colorful toys and are eager to explore the world and all that their environment has to offer. However, finding inspiring, creative toys in the maze of interactive, noisy and expensive items is not that easy. So where is the best place to look for inspiration? Here is a hint.

The simpler the toys, the better

More and more parents rely on educational toys, which are unique, creative and inspire the toddler to play. What’s interesting is that kids often enjoy these simple, interesting objects much more than if you put an interactive toy in front of them, which they would rather admire than play with. Parents want their kids to find a lot of fun in simple things. That’s why sales of colorful soft books, educational puzzles, creative cards, logic games, blocks and many, many more have increased so much recently. This all shows how important it is to inspire a child to discover the world on their own and to be able to play with something that doesn’t move, sing or dance on its own. The simpler the toys, the more room a child has to play.

Robot puzzles – Banana Panda

Educational toys

Educational toys should be the majority in your child’s room. Why? Thanks to them, a young person develops, learns new things and, most importantly, gets to know new objects, learns to name specific things. All books with animals, with occupations, with different objects, colors give a wide range of possibilities. Seeing such a picture, the child can create various stories, which greatly develops his imagination. In addition, parents very often buy their children also educational puzzles, puzzle games, various cards. This all should come from proven and experienced manufacturers, who make every effort to ensure that each thing is safe and worked out in every detail. So it is worth looking for such things in smaller, local toy stores or on the websites of well-known producers of creative and educational toys. There are lots of creative and inspiring things waiting for parents and their kids, which are not so easy to get bored with.

Toys that both young and old can play with

The aforementioned educational toys are created practically for children of all ages. Toddlers eagerly watch them, year olds listen to their parents when they tell them what is presented on them and older kids can already create interesting stories for many of them. A good idea for spending time with children are also such toys as: educational puzzles or memory type games. Thanks to them, a toddler learns patience, respect for rules and principles, and with time even knows what it means to win and lose. It is good to bet on such a common and creative time with a toddler.