Travel education [2010-18]
Today, Lech was only a second away from the overtime with Gandzashar Kapan, which is located in southern Armenia and has a population of 45 thousand, while Górnik was only five minutes away from the overtime with Zaria Bielka, which is located at the bottom of the table of the Moldovan league. Our football is in an era of great geographical discoveries.
In the sporting dimension, these are discoveries to the best of our ability. They are of great educational value, encouraging young people to take a finger on the map to the borders, especially to the east and south – not so well known, not as fashionable as western metropolises, even exotic. The newest wanderings were not fully successful, as Lech and Miners were eventually promoted to the next round of qualification of the League of Europe today. They educate disasters more effectively, because it is always interesting, however, to check with whom our people have interrupted so much. I know from good sources that even resistant junior high school students travel not only with their fingers through the atlas, but also with their eyes after the encyclopaedia.
Let us explain this on the basis of an example: if the miner had not scratched a tie in Bielec today, perhaps the youth would have realised that the largest diaspora in Moldova, the USA, lives there.
The anthology of discoveries completed with full success must be created one day – behind every fall from cups there is a fascinating history of human fate, together they are an ideal material for a thick volume, which cannot be detached from. I serve with an initial sketch and a list of eminently deserved people, as a chronicler with a travel and geography jam I promise to update also something:
CEF Qəbələ. It is located in: Azerbaijan. Discoverer: Jagiellonian University .
Sheriff Tyraspol. It is located in: Moldova, also the capital of the self-proclaimed republic of Transnistria . Discoverer: Legion .
Shkëndi Tetovo. It is located in: Macedonia. Discoverer: Cracovia.
Omonium Nicosia. It is located in: Cyprus. Discoverer: Jagiellonian University .
Ungmennafélagið Stjarnan. It is located in: Iceland. Discoverer: Lech .
Żalgiris Vilnius. It is located in: Lithuania. Discoverer: Lech .
Irtysz Pawłodar. It is located in: Kazakhstan. Discoverer: Jagiellonian University .
Qarabağ Ağdam. It is located in: Azerbaijan. Discoverer: .